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100 Eleventh Avenue, New York City, NY

100 Eleventh Avenue

100 Eleventh Avenue glittering in the sunlight
Building Information
Developer Cape Advisors
Architect Jean Nouvel
Number of Units 72
Number of Floors 23
Year Built 2008
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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100 Eleventh Avenue, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning C6 - 3
Title of Land Condominium



Built on the grounds of a parking lot, 100 Eleventh Avenue stands as a unique architectural addition to the popular West Chelsea community.

Artists depiction of 100 Eleventh beside IAC headquarters

Across the street from Frank Gehry's IAC building and a short distance from the Hudson River, 100 Eleventh Avenue's 'total-design' style will make this building a visual icon in perpetuity and ensure a unique living experience for residents.

The architect has fully exploited the light that hits the building, creating a facade made of steel and 1750 uniquely shaped and angled pieces of glass that gives the building an almost life-like quality, changing and evolving with the path of the sun.


West Chelsea, along the Hudson River, is among the most sought after addresses in all of New York and is considered the center of New York's art scene. The area, home to two iconic urban revitalization projects (the High Line and Hudson River Park), is socially diverse and offers amenities for all tastes.[1]

High Line Park - a former train route

Public transit, both bus and subway are walk-able from 100 Eleventh Avenue, with the latter just a half mile away. Nearby cultural amenities, like the High Line Park and Joyce Theater, and architectural wonders, like Gehry's IAC headquarters, please the eye and challenge the mind.

While it is close to numerous grocery stores and markets, perhaps most intriguingly, 100 Eleventh Avenue is just over a mile from the Union Square Greenmarket, a vital farmer's market in the center of New York. The area offers plenty of options for those that would rather eat out and for those that like to shop. There are numerous schools in the area and plenty of green space within walking distance of 100 Eleventh Avenue's front door.


The complex form and function of the window curtain

100 Eleventh Avenue's architect, world renowned Pritzker Prize winner, Jean Nouvel, incorporated a total design concept into the building, meaning that his finger prints are on this building from the core, on out. The building's glass and steel facade created a challenge for engineers as the irregular shapes and angles of glass meant that load bearing was inconsistent.

The seemingly tangled arrangement of window panels

While the building's glass and steel face to the world is its hallmark, the primary structure of 100 Eleventh Avenue is concrete, as you would expect in a rounded building (Technical ReportII).[2]

It is juxtaposed adjacent to the smooth, milky-white exterior of Frank Gehry’s I.A.C. Building. Nouvel's building, with its curved facade and seemingly frenetic window placement, has been described as appearing "nervous" next to IAC. For most architecture followers, once the razzle-dazzle effect of a dramatic architect passes, one is better able to appreciate the form and function of a structure such as 100 Eleventh Avenue.

The building's near random lines, the odd angles built into both its facade and the accent windows, combined with its part-austere, part-industrial interior speaks to a post-modern aesthetic in the building's design. Seemingly contrary to the building's dynamic glass side facing the water, the east face is a more stark concrete surface with specific punched openings. This, however, allows the building to relate to the building’s drastically different contextual surroundings.

This makes 100 Eleventh Avenue a worthy companion-piece of masterful architecture that has begun to define the diverse architectural styles of the West Chelsea area.

Layout and Features

100 Eleventh Avenue features views of the Hudson River and New Jersey at its higher levels. Ceilings range between 10 and 13 feet and the floor-to-ceiling windows have a mechanized shade system. The building offers variations of units from one to four bedrooms.

Bathrooms in the building offer touch-sensitive faucets. Kitchens feature custom, movable islands.

Finishes are of the highest end and custom made for the building. 100 Eleventh Avenue features terrazzo floors and exposed concrete ceilings.

Floor Plans


This building has numerous amenities. It has a concierge, a 24-hour doorman, a fitness center, swimming pool, a private garden for residents, including hanging gardens above and a restaurant in the lobby.[3]

  • Concierge
  • Full time doorman
  • Central air conditioning
  • Washers and dryers in building
  • Fitness center
  • 70 foot swimming pool
  • Private garden
  • Lobby restaurant


100 Eleventh Avenue Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

Renting and subletting in this building is permitted, but must be approved by the governing board in advance.

Pets are allowed in this building.

There are no age restrictions for ownership.


100 Eleventh Avenue was intended to earn LEED certification and likely began its existence with this prospect in mind.

However, for unknown reasons at this time, the certification process was not completed, according to records kept by the United States Green Building Council website (USGBC), which shows a "Certification in progress" status on this building's LEED score card.[4]

Despite the incomplete good intentions, the building does give a positive nod in the direction of a 'greener' existence. It features a tree lined garden and a six story hanging garden. It has recorded using a high volume of recycled and non-toxic materials. This, coupled with its location near public transit and an iconic farmer's market make 100 Eleventh Avenue a prime green location.


Obsidian “boulder” sculptures

Initially, sales in this building were slow. The developer blamed them on the architect's dark, minimalist lobby. In turn, Nouvel argued that the developers were being cheap and wanted to find a less expensive alternative to his postmodern concept. The developers went on to commission three obsidian “boulder” sculptures (basically, three large, black rocks) by well known interior designer, Jennifer Post, that the company commissioned to construct the sculptures claims to have not been paid on time by the developers, may lend credence to Nouvel's complaints.

It is not just issues regarding costs in the lobby that has driven the media to focus on this architecturally unique structure. Early residents noted concerns with rust, cracked concrete and leaks which they blamed on cost-cutting. According to Curbed NY, more than half of initial buyers went to court in an effort to back out of the commitments.[5]

That said, while the building has taken its lumps, the aesthetically pleasing architecture that initially put 100 Eleventh Avenue on the map is highly regarded, even among its critics. Paul Goldsberger of the New Yorker went so far as to suggest that the building glitters like sequins and has spoken highly of the building's layout and Nouvel's efforts to create a truly unique piece to New York's cityscape.


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