111 Central Park North

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111 Central Park North, New York City, NY

111 Central Park North

111 Central Park North with unusual perpendicular balconies on the left
Building Information
Developer The Athena Group
Architect Hillier Architecture, SLCE
Number of Units 48
Number of Floors 18
Year Built 2007
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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111 Central Park North, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning R7-2
Title of Land Co-op



111 Central Park North is built in East Harlem on the northeast corner of West 110 Street and Lenox Avenue. Lenox Avenue was co-named Malcolm X Boulevard in 1987 in honor of the slain civil rights leader. Both names are officially recognized and both names appear on street standard road signs. This road was originally part of Sixth Avenue but was renamed in 1887 for philanthropist, James Lenox, whose collections of books and paintings eventually became known as the Lenox Library which later became part of the New York Public Library in 1895.[1]

Designed by Hillier Architecture and SCLE Architects, this 19 story condominium faces Central Park across the street and was developed by the Athena Group. It is a blue glass clad building where many of the apartments have balconies, but not all. The tower is setback on the second floor giving space for a terrace garden and seating area for residents. It is perhaps one of the most expensive condominiums in Harlem to buy into.

There are 48 apartments ranging from 2 bedroom units to much larger 9 room suites.


111 Central Park North is located on West 110 Street considered to be the southern border of Harlem. This building has set a high record for luxury condo prices in Harlem and has opened the gates for more luxury residences to be built in the area.

This location does not score as high on Walk Score as other buildings reviewed on Condopedia, but a rating of 91 out of 100 still makes the area very accessible. Public transit, on the other hand, scores a perfect 100 with 23 bus and 15 rail options - a rider's paradise.

Once a resident begins walking, restaurants come into view within a couple of hundred feet. Numerous ethnic choices can be found along with cafes and delis. At least three public schools are within a quarter of a mile (which is just under 1400 feet).[2]

Then there is Central Park, right across 110 Street (sometimes simply called Central Park North), 843 acres of the perhaps the most famous urban green space in the world. The flock of pedigreed 'Southdown' and 'Dorset' sheep no longer graze in Central Park, as they were moved to Prospect Park in Brooklyn in 1934, but miles of trails for walking and cycling are there to explore in any season.[3]


111 Central Park North is a 19 story luxury residential condominium designed to hold 48 apartments with unparalleled views of Central Park. Its main feature is the blue glass curtain of its exterior and an unusual array of perpendicular balconies on the lower half of the building. Not all the units have balconies which alters the front appearance of the building. Some of the suites within are more than one level.

There is a setback terrace on the second level for the use of the residents with a seating area and a garden. Underground parking was included with 41 spaces and community space is provided on the ground floor along with retail space.

On the way to the lobby finished with Pennsylvania stacked blue stone walls, residents and visitors pass through a courtyard garden.[4]

Layout and Features

On the ground floor of 111 Central Park North, space has been allocated for both retail and community use. About 8700 square feet has been reserved for retail and another 4500 square feet for community use. The Cooper-Hewitt Design Center occupies 1500 square feet. There, students learn design disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, and arts and graphics design. Various family programs and activities exist.

The building has a 41 car garage, a full time attendant in the lobby and concierge services by Abigail Michaels. Also, within, is a refrigerated food storage area, a fitness center, and a party room.[5]

Floor Plans

111 Central Park North advertises 29 floor plans. Here are a few:


111 Central Park North is attended around the clock by a lobby attendant and Abigail Michaels provides the concierge service. Residents can feel secure knowing the superintendent lives in the building.

There is a full service garage, a fitness center, and a party room. Residents can enjoy the second floor terrace garden and the magnificent views of Central Park. Most, but not all the apartments, have balconies.


111 Central Park North Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

Pets are welcome and many people are currently renting. 111 Central Park North is very family friendly.


US Green Building Council does not display 111 Central Park North on its project list suggesting that the building did not deliberately follow any environmentally green building guidelines.

However, as a new building, certain modern construction and techniques and environmental considerations were followed. In particular, the disposal of excess materials and other construction waste is regulated by law to be disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Scraps of metal, drywall trimmings, and even left over finishing materials such as paint and adhesives must all be disposed of in a proper manner.

Also, newer building materials are manufactured with 'greener' materials that keep the environment in mind.[6]


  • The retail space on the ground level of 111 Central Park North was vacant for long after the building was opened. Various retail tenants were considered. At one point, residents considered banding together to rent or buy the building’s ground-floor space to prevent a McDonald’s from moving in, the New York Post reported. They were concerned about the potential effect a fast-food operation would have on real estate values, not to mention the odors that may waft up.[7]


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