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1188 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

1188 Howe

1188 Howe - Exterior
Building Information
Developer Martin Bruckner (Engineer and Wright Architects)
Architect Engineer and Wright Architects
Management Company Colliers International
Number of Units 185
Number of Floors 27
Year Built 1994
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof PMR
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1188 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit 45+ road and rail options nearby
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



The town of Granville incorporated as the City of Vancouver in 1886. Its population? Just over 1000 people. The city’s first Mayor, M.A. McLean - he was a realtor. So, when a brush fire went out of control on June 13th of that same year, burning the city to the ground, McLean knew how much the land was worth. He started rebuilding almost immediately.

All things considered, Vancouver is still finding itself as a city. A relatively short succession of mayors, land developers, and realtors seem to have held on to M.A. McLean’s early impulse to build. And rebuild.

1188 Howe, Building Logo
Around the corner from 1188 Howe are two examples of that impulse at its best: The first Granville Street Bridge was finished in 1889. It’s been rebuilt twice since, with the current bridge finished in 1954. Underneath that bridge, a short bus ride from 1188’s front entrance, is Granville Island, one of North America’s most successful land redevelopments. Ever.

1188 Howe went up in 1994. Plenty of post-modern condos opened for sale around that time, and like the city itself, each has its own unique character in an area of downtown that seems to be in a constant state of rediscovery.[1]


1188 Howe is a still-young condo in an unquestionably youthful part of Vancouver. Residents are a single block away from the heart of downtown life on Granville Street, and a brisk walk (or very short cab ride) down the road to Vancouver’s own shopping mecca at Granville and Robson.

The Davie Street Pride Parade.

If top-end price tags and expansive sushi menus aren’t to one’s taste, turn around and walk the other way. A five-minute bus ride over the Granville Street Bridge will land the traveler on Granville Island for fresh local produce at the Public Market – and some of the best live theatre Vancouver has to offer.

Then there’s Davie Street. Proudly declaring its openness to people of all genders, trans-genders and orientations (particularly during Davie’s smilingly infamous Pride Parade), this stretch of downtown is known throughout Vancouver – and perhaps the whole of British Columbia – as home to some of the most forward-thinking minds, open hearts, and crazy-fun parties in the city.


Built in the post-modern style of most downtown Vancouver condos, 1188 Howe is a concrete building with laminate or carpeted floors, cool tones, clean lines, and large energy efficient windows. There are balconies on a select few floors, but most residents have to enjoy the view of downtown Vancouver from inside.

At ground level, the lobby is floored with granite, and the courtyard is finished in brick. There's a small water feature near the main entrance, with a second entrance opening into the lounge and mail area. The city as a whole goes to great lengths to incorporate vibrant green spaces and open air structures into its condo developments, and 1188 Howe is no exception. The downside? Vancouver is also known as one of Canada's rainiest cities, so the amount of actual use these spaces get is often lacking.[2]

Layout and Features

1188 Howe - The lobby.

When it comes to the more unique aspects of 1188 Howe, two words spring to mind: Natural Light. The building’s suites are either one bedroom or two. That’s fine. The neat thing is that all of the suites also feature reasonably sized sunrooms with stone-finished floors. Though one would be hard pressed to make the sunrooms work as second or third bedrooms, they’re excellent home offices – or reading rooms. Combine the focus on natural light with the building’s open courtyard and greenspace and it makes for a welcoming spot.

Also of note are the 1188 “Executive Residences” – a handful of full service hotel suites on the building’s upper floors. They offer short or extended stay options, as well as room service, dry cleaning, and in-room wifi. Thanks in part to its services as a hotel, the building also has a handful of commercial units, including a café.[3]

Floor Plans

Unfortunately, 1188 Howe Street doesn't have any free floor plans available for display.

From the Reference Section below, a short video takes the viewer inside a suite for a look at what it has to offer.[4]


  • Swimming pool, sauna, and whirlpool
  • Billiards room
  • Meeting room
  • Exercise room
  • Open Courtyard and Greenspace
  • Common and/or en-suite laundry


1188 Howe Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • Suites are available rental, ownership, and/or hotel stays.
  • The building is pet friendly.
  • There are no age restrictions on tenancy.


Vancouver prides itself on becoming the world’s greenest city by the year 2020, and its newer condos reflect that accordingly. Even though 1188 Howe isn’t officially a Green Building, all suites are equipped with low-energy major appliances. Building residents encourage recycling by allowing for the “reinvestment” of refundable materials into paying for social committee activities.

The city of Vancouver has the means to recycle and compost almost everything. Under city bylaw, those who don’t recycle can incur fines. Thanks to frequent and reliable public transit options, it’s also worth noting that a car in downtown Vancouver can sometimes be more hindrance than convenience. City officials have purposely limited parking in the downtown core. So unless drivers are required to commute into the suburbs, buses and Skytrain are often more effective modes of travel.[5]


Vancouver's 2011 Polar Bear Swimmers.
  • In 1867, a man who went by the nickname "Gassy Jack" opened a saloon for forestry workers on the shore of Burrard Inlet. It became so popular that a community built up around it, and the now-trendy neighborhood of Gastown was born.
  • At a 1957 “concert” in Empire Stadium, Elvis Presley sang half a dozen songs and took off after 15 minutes. Listeners had paid two dollars per ticket, and they were more than a little dissatisfied when Elvis left the building so quickly.
  • Restaurant owner Peter Pantages started Vancouver’s annual Polar Bear Swim in 1920. By the turn of the millennium 80 years later, it had reached a record 2128 freezing cold swimmers.[6]


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