1220 Park Avenue

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1220 Park Avenue, New York City, NY

1220 Park Avenue

Building Information
Developer Joseph Paterno
Architect Rosario Candela
Number of Units 55
Number of Floors 16
Year Built 1930
Construction Method Steel
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1220 Park Avenue, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than a block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning R10
Title of Land Cooperative



Original 1220 Park Avenue brochure

1220 Park Avenue was constructed in 1930 by Rosario Candela. Candela was famous at the time for his luxury high end apartment units. The building was originally designed to be a cooperative, and it still holds the same title today.

The original brochure summarized the building to captivate those seeking status and luxury. It read:

If you entertain at home, 1220 Park Avenue provides that logical solution to the problem of finding an apartment best suited to your needs. This unique building was planned and built to provide a wide range in type and size of apartment, distinctive as well as convenient in plan and arrangement.

With the Armory on the south, Park Avenue on the east, and low buildings on the west, all the apartments enjoy the maximum amount of sunlight. Location and plan are offered at a real saving over rental value.

The Carnegie hill neighborhood was name for Andrew Carnegie and his mansion built on Fifth Avenue. The architecture of the neighborhood includes many apartment buildings, brownstones and mansions. The area is a Historic District because of all its beautiful buildings with pre-war character. [1]


Park Avenue

The building is located in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood in the Upper East Side.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in located in the Andrew Carnegie mansion. The gallery's contain historical artifacts and modern artwork that is sure to be inspiring no matter what the style preference is. [2]

Sarabeth's is a local cafe that has been in operation since 1983. It offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner as well as specialty teas, desserts, wines and cocktails. [3]

Other notable locations in the area include Central Park, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and a number of private schools and restaurants.

Within walking distance of the building are many amenities that make typical daily errands possible without the use of a car. These places include Maharaja PlaceRestaurant, Kitchen M coffee, Gourmet Garage groceries, Samuel Seabury Playground, and Townhouse International school. [4]


Original Interior Design

1220 Park Avenue holds its historic pre-war character with its brown brick exterior and three story limestone base. Many pre-war buildings share these two features.

On the side street facade, there are multiple terraces that are set back. The west facade faces Hunter College Campus Schools. The school was designed to recreate the castle and fortress architecture of the Squadron A Armory building that used to be on the site. [5]

When the building was originally advertised the largest suites were $69,000 to buy. The interiors were designed by Elsie Cobb Wilson Inc. Over the years, her designs were updated, but that classic style is still thriving in the modern rooms with historic details.

Layout and Features

Some of the suites feature entrance hallways, fireplaces, terraces, libraries, city views,

Most units maintain the original pre-war character with detailed crown moldings, ample closet space, herringbone floors, nine foot ceilings and formal dining rooms.

Master suites may have private terraces that overlook Central Park. All bedrooms typically have their own en suite bathrooms. [6]

Many of the kitchens have been renovated from their original finishes and upgraded to be considered luxury chefs kitchens.

Floor Plans

The suite sizes range from having seven to fourteen rooms.


Amenities at 1220 Park Avenue include:

  • Full Time Doorman
  • Concierge
  • Gym

Neighborhood amenities include:

  • Monterey Public Garden
  • Brick Presbyterian Church
  • Homecare Services


1220 Park Avenue Bylaws
Rentals No
Pets Yes

  • Pets are allowed
  • Rentals are allowed
  • Washer and Dryers are allowed


Based on the pre-war time of construction, the building does not contain any sort of practices that would be consisted green. However, the exterior is finished in brick, which is a great thermal mass and helps contribute to having lower energy costs, but unfortunately the energy saved due to the bricks is most likely lost due to the single pane windows.

Residents can make their lives a little greener and contribute to preserving our planet with a few simple life-style adjustments:

  • Plant a herb garden
  • Stop using plastic and paper bags
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Try to use natural light during the day to avoid turning on lights
  • Make your own household cleaners [8]


Andrew Carnegie
  • Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist who led the expansion of the American steel industry. In today's dollars, his net worth is over $298 billion, making him one of the wealthiest historical figures.
  • The Elvis Presley Foundation of New York is located in this building.
  • Park Avenue has a reputation for having some of the most expensive real estate in New York. [9]
  • The population of Carnegie Hill is over 55,000.
  • Most people living in the area have a graduate degree.
  • The average high in July is 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low in January is 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit in Carnegie Hill [10]


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