125 North 10th Street

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125 North 10th Street, Brooklyn, NY

125 North 10th Street

Brief Description (Author's Notes)
Building Information
Developer Savanna Partners
Architect Robert M. Scarano
Management Company Penmark Realty Corporation
Number of Units 86
Number of Floors 6
Year Built 2008
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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125 North 10th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning M1-2/R6A
Title of Land Condominium



125 North 10th Street is actually, two six-story buildings joined together by a large courtyard as it is a through-block development, and it is recognized by a second address of 61-63 Berry Street. It was completed in 2008 and houses 86 apartments in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Considered one of the most prolific architects in Brooklyn, Robert M. Scarano Jr. designed 125 North 10th Street for development by Savanna Partners and it was constructed by Ryder Construction.[1]

It features a beige and pale pink façade and extends most of the block between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street. In behind, the courtyard connects the other portion of the development which faces onto 11th Street North. The project on both sides retains the name of 125 North 10th Street.

Williamsburg is a neighborhood within Brooklyn. In 1898, when Brooklyn became a borough of Greater New York, this neighborhood opened closer connections with the rest of the city. The Williamsburg Bridge was built five years later in 1903, and the community opened up to thousands people fleeing the overcrowded tenements of Manhattan's Lower East Side.[2]

In 2005, much of Brooklyn's waterfront space was rezoned for high density residential development to address the decline of manufacturing in the area. The result was a high number of vacant warehouses, many of which have been converted condominiums, or will be.


125 North 10th Street is located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood of Brooklyn. Its proximity to goods and services and to numerous parks gathers a walk score of 97 out of 100. Transit connections are still excellent rating a score of 82. An additional category for walk score describes this address as a 'Biker's Paradise' due to its "flat-as-a-pancake" neighborhood.[3]

This building is a through-block complex comprised of two six story buildings. The other side of 125 North 10th Street faces onto 11th Street North, but to avoid confusion, retains the same building name. McCarren Park, operated by the New York City Department of Parks, is a block away. It features tennis courts, baseball fields, and soccer fields where organized community league play occurs. From sunbathing to dog-walkers, to running enthusiasts, this park is also a popular venue for indie music and rock concerts.

As for schools, the area hosts a Catholic school, a prep school, high school, and Public School 17, all within a third of a mile. Cafes, bars, restaurants, and a few choice watering holes are within a few hundred feet of 125 North 10th Street


The building is sculpted boldly showing dramatic angles and a design that is somewhat asymmetrical. The exterior design is modified by the pastel color scheme of the concrete walls. Variants of one, two, and three bedroom apartments have been created. Of the 86 units within the two buildings, 55 floor plans are offered assuring some level of uniqueness to the new owners.[4]

State of the art fixtures have been installed and the interiors boast floor to ceiling windows. As the ceilings are 10'4" high, this allows copious natural light to enter. Andres Escobar and Associates handled the project’s interior design. Sustainable materials such as Brazilian Ipe hardwood floors were used and Icestone kitchen and bathroom countertops (see the Sustainability Section of this article).

Layout and Features

To attract new condominium owners to the area, 125 North 10th Street has provided numerous features and amenities. The two roof decks are conducive to social gatherings, the fitness center with state of the art equipment, the courtyard garden, and bicycle lockup facilities are just some of the features.

Even the location close to McCarren Park and the East River green space is a definite pro. Although there is no intentional sidewalk landscaping, the courtyard garden and the terraces more than make up for that.

Inside, residents will find a children's playroom, a media room that has a wet bar, and a billiards lounge. Secure parking spaces are for purchase, but with many transit options nearby, a car may not be required.[5]

Floor Plans

125 North 10th Street contains 55 floor plans ranging from 1 bedroom apartments to 3 bedroom units with private terraces.

Here are a few of the variations:


Within the distinctive architecture of 125 North 10th Street, residents enjoy the services of a doorman and a concierge. The cabanas on the roof deck, courtyard garden, balconies and nearness to parks and other green space lend well to those interested in a fit lifestyle.

In addition to the full service garage, the building offers a secure place to store your bicycle and a fitness and yoga center.


125 North 10th Street Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

Pets are welcome at 125 North 10th Street and many of the apartments are rented. Families are encouraged as there are numerous schools and parks in the area, and fitness space that includes a children's playroom.

On the two rooftop decks are private cabanas outfitted with gas for Weber Grills.


Although 125 North 10th Street is not specifically designed to meet US Green Building Council guidelines or LEED Certification, a number of 'green' building choices were made. Space and light requirements were enhanced by 10 foot ceilings. The entire development is very proud of using sustainably harvested Brazilian Ipe hardwood flooring, a very durable walnut floor and deck material. Forestry efforts in Brazil save thousands of acres of land from being converted to farmland, ensuring that only a few logs are cut per acre. The forest can then regenerate and be logged again in 10 to 15 years.

Icestone is the registered trademark name of a company local to Brooklyn. They manufacture durable surfaces composed mainly of recycled glass and cement. The composition of the product is about 68% - 75% recycled glass, 15% - 20% white Portland cement, and a small percentage of proprietary ingredients. Its main claim to 'green' fame, is that the surface of the finished product contains no petrochemicals, resins, or volatile organic compounds. During the production of Icestone, 90% of the water used in the factory is reclaimed and recycled with a grey water recycling system. The factory is also proud that it uses soy-based lubricants in its machinery to reduce the dependence on petroleum products.[6] It creates durable kitchen and bathroom counter tops.


  • Williamsburgh was incorporated as a village in 1827. It was within the town of Bushwick until it separated in 1840 when it became the Town of Williamsburgh. It became the City of Williamsburg in 1852 - and discarded the "h" from the end of its name. Williamsburg and Bushwick were annexed into the City of Brooklyn in 1855.[7]
  • As Brooklyn's Eastern District local businesses thrived with the huge industrial, cultural and economic growth the area experienced. Williamsburg was a financial center that rivaled Wall Street for a time, and at one point in the 19th century, 10% of the the wealth of the United States was possessed by Williamsburg.
  • Originally named Greenpoint Park due to its location in Greenpoint, it was renamed McCarren Park in 1909 after State Senator Parick H. McCarren. McCarren Park has played host to movie backgrounds and music festivals. Some movie scenes from The Departed, including the scene where Jack Nicholson's character first meets Matt Damon's character, were shot in Greenpoint across from McCarren Park. The park also hosted the 50th New York Film Festival in 2012.


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