137 East 28th Street

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137 East 28th Street, New York City, NY

137 East 28th Street

An exterior shot of 137 East 28th Street in New York
Building Information
Management Company The Corcoran Group
Number of Units 36
Number of Floors 9
Year Built 1927
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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137 East 28th Street, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning C6-4A
Title of Land Cooperative



Repurposing pre-existing buildings is not exactly an uncommon phenomenon in real estate. While the re-use of older structures does admittedly limit the design aspect of the process - there would be no point in doing so if the majority of the building was going to be gutted anyway - the trade off is that the structure gets a new lease on life, often with much of the architect's original intent preserved. 137 East 28th Street is a prime example of this paradigm at work, and there is no doubt that, despite its modernization, it retains much of its old world charm and craftsmanship.

Constructed in 1927, 137 East 28th Street is a building with quite a bit of history behind it, seeing as how it predates World War II. It is a noticeably smaller structure than contemporary residences, with only nine floors and 36 units. Its conversion into a cooperative took place in 1998, with many of the necessary renovations ostensibly taking place around the same time frame.[1]

137 East 28th Street, like many of its contemporaries, has a selection of amenities to offer to its residents, with perhaps the best one being its location; located fairly close to Madison Square Park in New York, there are many sights to see and things to do, and of course the area has its fair share of shopping and restaurants as well.


The Murray Hill area

137 East 28th Street is in a neighborhood called Gramercy, which places it in Kips Bay, which is just south of the prominent Murray Hill neighborhood in Manhattan. As old as 137 East 28th Street is, it cannot hold a candle to the area that it was built in, as the nearby Murray Hill's history dates back to the eighteenth century, when Robert Murray, the head of the Murray family of merchants, moved to New York and built a large house.

The house stands on what is now called Park Avenue and was christened Murray Hill. The name stuck throughout the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly for an area originally owned by rich merchants, Murray Hill has always attracted relatively affluent residents, with the nineteenth century bringing an influx of upper middle class people; this is a trend that has continued even today, with many new post secondary graduates and young urban professionals calling the area home.[2]

Residents of 137 East 28th Street certainly have it easy when it comes to running daily errands; with a wealth of shops and businesses close to the building's front doors, there is no need to drive in order to buy groceries or make a quick bank run. In fact, one does not necessarily need a car at all, as New York's transit system has excellent coverage in Murray Hill. Not only are there 43 bus stop options near 137 East 28th Street, but there are also 44 light rail options as well, making it a simple task for residents to travel the city.[3]


Originally constructed in 1927, 137 East 28th Street appears to share the same design ethos as many of its contemporaries, with concrete bases and finishing being the rule of the day.

Though renovated extensively for its conversion into a co-op, the exterior nevertheless holds on to much of its pre-war charm and elegance, with its facade possessing a clean simplicity that is rarely seen in today's designs.

The interior units, on the other hand, have been totally modernized to better suit the fast paced lifestyle that New York offers its citizens, so residents can rest assured that while the building looks its age, it does not have any of the pitfalls that may imply.

Layout and Features

Naturally, with only 36 units the amount of different configurations that 137 East 28th Street can offer are bound to be limited. In fact, the residences only come in one and two bedroom variations, with the former outnumbering the latter by a fairly significant margin.

In terms of equipment, the units feature stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, hardwood floors, stone tiles in the bathroom, and excellent views of New York.

Floor Plans

A selection of 137 East 28th Street's floor plans are below, with the rest on this site:[4]


A list of 137 East 28th Street's amenities include:

  • Landscaped roof deck
  • Private storage
  • Bike room
  • Shared laundry room


137 East 28th Street Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • Rentals are permitted
  • Though 137 East 28th Street is pet-friendly, they do not allow dogs
  • There is no age restriction in place


As 137 East 28th Street was built in an era where sustainability was not even a remote concern, it should come as no surprise that there were no green measures installed during its construction. Had it been constructed today, there is a good chance that energy efficiency would have been stressed a little; more and more new structures come equipped with dual glazed windows, for instance.

Residents, of course, can take proactive measures to reduce their impact on the environment. Actively reducing excess electricity and water usage is a good way to help the environment, and it has the added benefit of lowering the energy bill at the end of the month. Recycling is an excellent way to cut down on needless waste, and as it is not a particularly taxing process it makes for an ideal starting point.


  • Murray Hill contains many embassies and consulates, owing to its proximity to the United Nations Building
  • Notable businesses that call the neighborhood home include Sumitomo Corporation and China Airlines' New York offices
  • One of the public schools serving the area, PS 116, has the unusual touch of having separate entrances for boys and girls
  • Out of 100 buildings in Murray Hill's 1892 Social Register, 60 are still standing today


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