200 Eleventh Avenue

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200 Eleventh Avenue, New York City

200 Eleventh Avenue

Steel and terracotta facade make 200 Eleventh Ave a unique addition to Chelsea (Picture attribution: Beyond My Ken, Wikimedia)
Building Information
Developer Gaia House, LLC
Architect Steven Kratchman, Selldorf Architects
Number of Units 16
Number of Floors 19
Year Built 2010
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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200 Eleventh Avenue, New York City
Distance to Public Transit Bus (200 ft), Subway (.5 miles)
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning C6 - 3
Title of Land Condominium



200 Eleventh Avenue is a state-of-the-art new build, completed in 2010, located in popular West Chelsea. The 19 story, concrete core building offers views of the Hudson River, innovative design, and significant space in its 16 units. Its unique mix of terra cotta tile and stainless steel on the facade of the building means that, for years to come, this will be a destination building in this landmark community.


Chelsea has a long and storied history on the island of Manhattan. The area has been an important industrial hub, an immigrant community, a warehouse district, a theater district and even an important hub for movie studies. The area's ability to continually re-invent itself demonstrates why today Chelsea is the definition of 'livable community'.

With a vital art scene, parks, entertainment and restaurants all within walking distance of 200 Eleventh Avenue, this neighborhood offers some of the best local amenities that New York city can offer. Just steps from Chelsea Waterside Park, Hudson River Park and less than a quarter mile from The High Line, the building sits between two of the most important examples of urban renewal projects in the region.

Restaurants in the area seem to line the streets, but groceries are also easily accessible, should you wish to take advantage of the local merchants' wares. There are numerous schools in the area, along with galleries, theaters and markets. Transit, too, is readily available with a bus line right outside the door of 200 Eleventh Avenue and access to the subway a half mile away.


The architecture of 200 Eleventh Avenue intentionally recalls several aesthetic styles. The lower part of the building displaying a terra-cotta tile facade and steel framed windows, is designed to blend in to the surrounding buildings in the area - dominated, largely, by mid-century warehouses. The upper reaches of the building incorporate potruding stainless steel. A modern accent, reminiscent of Annabelle Selldorf's (the prinicpal of Selldorf's Architects) understated modernism. Already, the upper reaches of the building are fading into the steel and glass New York skyline. Up close, the building is a striking mix of styles. From a distance, the building blends smoothly into the two realities it inhabits. Finished in 2010, and in addition to the defining terra-cotta tile and steel facade, the building is concrete framed.

Layout and Features

200 Eleventh Avenue has 16 units, including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom variants, though most units are the latter. Units have a west-facing view of the Hudson River. The penthouses have a 360 degree view of the area. Lower levels are duplex-style. Most ceilings are 16 - 24 feet high with the lowest height at 11 feet. Units have key-access elevators and 14 units have a sky-elevator for a vehicle. Upper units in the building have private balconies.

Floor Plans

There are 16 units in this 19 story building. There are numerous floor plans. As such, only a small selection are shown here.


This building's amenities include a doorman, a lobby attendant, key lock access elevators, sky-elevators (in 14 units) and a fitness room with an adjoining terrace.


200 Eleventh Avenue Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Age No

There are no restrictions on rentals or age in this building.


200 Eleventh Avenue features insulated windows to help control heating costs. Additionally, the community's focus on renewal through creation and development of green-space, local markets and easy access to public transit makes this an ideal green community.

While there's been some criticism that sky-garages have led to a 'celebration' of the car, dedicated parking spaces in a community with little available parking, in fact, lowers GHG emissions (bloomberg.com).


  • Two projects within walking distance of 200 Eleventh Ave are prime examples of city renewal projects designed to attract the creative class. The High Line and Hudson River Park, combined with the area's industrial background make this a prime academic case study for urban renewal projects, upon which all others ought to be compared.
  • The history of, and artistic community that makes up, the neighborhood of Chelsea is long and storied. The area's ability to reinvent itself has led to this neighborhood being one of the most in-demand areas of New York City.
  • 200 Eleventh Avenue has won an Americas Property award for best Leisure Property (200 11th.com)
  • 200 Eleventh Avenue has been described as 'celebrity fly paper' (curbed.com). Famous residents include Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (US.com). Interest in this cite has been demonstrated by the likes of Kelsey Grammer and Lady Gaga as well. A New York Times article, may explain the popularity of the building with celeberities, labeling the building 'paparazzi proof' before it was even built (NYTime.com).


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