265 Riverside Drive

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265 Riverside Drive, New York City, NY

265 Riverside Drive

265 Riverside Drive in New York City
Building Information
Management Company Cromwell
Number of Units 76
Number of Floors 11
Year Built 1908
Construction Method Concrete
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265 Riverside Drive, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than a block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning R8B
Title of Land Cooperative



265 Riverside drive (right) at near the time of construction

265 Riverside Drive was incorporate in 1992. It is a Beaux Arts style building with a unique shape and historically fascinating facade.

The original marketing brochure represented the building with only a few short paragraphs. It read:

" Overlooking the broad Hudson and the Palisades, this distinguished 11-story building leaves nothing to be desired as a home.

Completely modernized in its every interior detail, it offers the skillfully designed small unit arrangements that seem to take so much of the complication out of modern living and housekeeping.

Planned with a master touch, the individual apartments are perfection itself-from the scientifically equipped kitchens to charming foyers, smart ventilation blinds, smoothly recessed radiators, luxuriously high ceilings - every single feature helps to engender pride and happiness, and the feeling of a home well chosen.

Such extra touches on the sundeck on the roof for the exclusive use of tenants, and Music by Muzak are further indications of the care and thought that have gone into the rebuilding of 265 Riverside Drive.

And yet the apartments, available in 3, 3½ and 4½ rooms are, for all their superior advantages and in location and appointments, amazingly reasonable in rental."

It is clear that at the time of construction, the building had pride above all the rest. Today, it is struggling to keep its reputation among the green direction our buildings seem to be going in and the high end features of the 21st century.


Street view in front of 265 Riverside Drive

265 Riverside Drive is beautifully sheltered from the blaring sun by the trees directly across the street. Beyond the green space is the Hudson River and views of New Jersey.

Riveside Park is 191 acre park that was developed in 1846. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park. Within the park is the Eleanor Roosevelt Monument, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and Joan of Arc statue and Grant's Tomb.

Just a few blocks away, is Trinity School, one of the most reputable private schools in the city. The school was founded in 1709 as a charity school for Trinity Church. Originally, it was open to both boys and girls. In 1789, tuition was $7 per quarter. In 1838, the school closed its admission to girls up until 1971.[1]

Conveniences within walking distance include 260 Riverside Drive Corporation restaurant, Green Cafe coffee and M Zucker Inc groceries.

Near the building is Paris Health Club, the Nicholas Roerich Museum, Frederick Douglas Park, the New York Health Department, and many restaurants and services.


Fluted Columns

The three base levels of the building are finished with limestone. The remaining levels are clad with brick. There is an appealing detail in the accented strips of limestone on the floors above.

An interesting feature on the building is that it has a curved corner on the northern facade. The entrance is bordered by fluted columns, and a wrought iron fence with heavy duty steel railings.

Fluting is a term that refers to shallow grooves along a vertical surface. The grooves are typically rounded. There are many different designs and patterns especially when it comes to columns. The columns often bring roman architecture to mind, yet they are still commonly used on new buildings today.

Layout and Features

This building has various features resulting from owners' updates or renovations. However, there are features that all the suites have. The suites are bright an allow lots of light while presenting Views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline.

Characteristics of the original architecture have been maintained as well. There are many arched doorways and entrances throughout the suite which was a very popular feature at the time it was constructed.

Some of the suites contain stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, tons of counter space, granite counters, hardwood floors, a lot of closet spaces and eat-in kitchens.

Floor Plans


Original Lobby
Step-up Lobby entrance

Amenities include:

  • part-time doorman
  • basement storage
  • bicycle room
  • lobby
  • live in superintendent

For those looking to get a workout or for a health club to attend, there are gyms in the area and many trails and parks that are perfect for running, biking or walking.


265 Riverside Drive Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes

  • 1 dog under 40lbs allowed [2]
  • Rentals are permitted


New York City is well aware of the global environmental concerns. There are simple things that can make a big impact on the health of the planet. One of the many ways to make your everyday life a little more sustainable is by using biodegradable plastics.

These plastics are capable of being disposed of by bacteria and other organisms. Corn is the most common ingredient in this plastic and there has been much debate over whether or not the carbon, fossil fuels, and water used for the production of bio-plastics does more harm than good. In order to keep up with the demand for plastic, 715 million tonnes of the food supply would be removed. At this time, global warming is already reducing the farming productivity.

There is also a concern about the amount of methane that would be released from the material as it is degrading. Today, the methane from landfills is captured and used to produce energy. This is considered a clean inexpensive energy, and can be achieved by both non degradable and biodegradable materials.


Trinity School
  • Trinity School has a chocolate lovers club, a men's cooking club, a coed A Capella group, and a Quidditch team.
  • Trinity School severed its ties with the church in 1968.
  • The Wall Street Journal rates Trinity School as one of the top three schools in the States.
  • Advanced placement classes offered at Trinity school include Statistics, Calculus, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, French Language, Latin Vergil, Latin Literature, and Art History.
  • Notable people who attended Trinity School include Louis Ayres, David Ebersman, Stacy London , Michael Shure, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump.[3]


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