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432 Park Avenue, New York City, NY

432 Park Avenue

Spectacular views from 423 Park Avenue
Building Information
Developer CIM Group
Architect Rafael Vinoly Architects
Number of Units 147
Number of Floors 96
Year Built 2015
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof PMR
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432 Park Avenue, New York City, NY, United States
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning C5-3
Title of Land Condominium



A depiction of 432 Park Avenue among its neighbors. Image © by DBOX for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties

In a word, 432 Park Avenue is 'Supertall', an architectural description of buildings over 80 floors.

Slated for completion and occupancy in late 2015 or early 2016, the 1,398 foot high 432 Park Avenue is designed to be 96 floors and will exceed the height of Empire State Building (without its spire) and even the new One World Trade Center tower, also without its spire.

The future road to skyscrapers was paved with the construction of the ten story Home Insurance Building in Chicago in 1884 designed by William Le Baron Jenny. It was not the tallest building in the world ever, even after two more floors were added in 1890. However, it had the distinction of being one of the first examples of a building relying on a steel-framed skeleton to support the structure and was a main example for the Chicago School of Architecture.

City planners of the time were concerned about this 'new' building method and wondered how a structure only one third the weight of traditional stone and masonry construction would be safe. They ascertained that it was and construction was resumed. Soon after, taller buildings began to make their appearance in other major centers, especially New York City.

Fantastically tall and innovative structures began to grow on the Manhattan skyline, each seemingly taller and more elaborate than the next. The Empire State Building was New York City's crowning achievement and held the distinction of the world's tallest free standing structure for decades.

As more technologically advanced building materials that were stronger and lighter, coupled with innovative and creative designs by architects, buildings became taller than ever thought possible.

Today, 432 Park Avenue is at the apex of becoming the tallest residential structure in the western hemisphere, at least for a time, as architects are always working to extend the boundaries of design.

Apartments within the building, estimated to cost $1 billion, are expected to be priced from around $7 million for a one bedroom to a whopping $95 million for the top penthouse. A second penthouse on the 95th floor is being 'jigged' into the design and is expected to be discounted at only $85 million.[1]


Park Avenue, arguably one of the most prestigious and recognizable locations in the country, if not the world, is the setting for 432 Park Avenue's debut. Although it is about four blocks from Central Park, fully one third of the upper floors of the building will have unfettered views of the park - and beyond.

A rendering of the location of 432 Park Avenue. Image © by DBOX for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties
Originally known as Fourth Avenue, Park Avenue was once lined with stately mansions of New York's many and illustrious figures. Historic and elegant mansions have given way to office buildings for prominent corporations interspersed with luxury condominium living.

Numerous dining opportunities lie within steps of 432 Park Avenue, from simple fare to fine culinary experiences. Prestigious drinking establishments and lounges are dotted throughout this prestigious neighborhood. markets, delis, organic green grocers, and specialty cheese shops surround the location of 432 Park Avenue.

For younger families moving to the area, schools of all kinds from nursery schools, play schools, elementary, middle and high schools to religious and technical academies are all within a half a mile.

Park Avenue is certainly at the center of mid-town Manhattan, built up and bustling with activity and traffic. However, the avenue is line with trees on both sides and along the median boulevard offering a splash of green that strollers may follow to their next meeting or rendezvous.

Park Avenue is known for its famous world class retail shopping outlets for those shoppers more concerned with style and 'glam', than bargain hunting. Times Square and the theater district is a short walk from 432 Park Avenue. The rink at Rockefeller Center is only a few minute's walk.

Public transit abounds in the neighborhood with the building surrounded by bus options. Residents only need to walk one block to Lexington Avenue for the subway.[2]


Construction progress update as of April 5, 2013
Just 2 spires short of being the tallest structure in New York City - although it is the tallest residential building

One begins to wonder how tall modern technology will allow us to build. Although rare in the skyscraper community of the world, Supertall structures exceeding 80 floors are becoming more prevalent. There are several in New York City alone. The rest of the world also has examples of structures completed and proposed that are 80+ floors in height. Notably, the reigning leader of Supertall structures is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at a staggering 2,722 feet in height, nearly double that of 432 Park Avenue.

When completed in late 2015, the 1,396 foot 432 Park Avenue will reside on the skyline as a slender and square tower a few hundred feet taller than its immediate neighbors. Ornamentation on the building is spare but relief from a monotonous rise of a consistent glass facade is offered in the form of two-floor sections displaying darker colored glass every 16 floors, effectively segmenting the building into six sections. Apart from the immediate visual appeal, this technique also lends perspective to the height of the building.[3]

The building consists of a concrete core of architectural concrete surrounding a steel skeleton within and clad with curtain of glass. Windows measure an expansive 10 feet by 10 feet providing residents with magnificent views of Central Park and the surrounding city. With no neighbors as tall as 432 Park Avenue, abundant natural light pours into the apartments.

The lot was the former site of the Drake Hotel which was built in 1926. It was a 21 floor building complex and had 495 rooms. In 2006, the hotel was sold for $440 million to developer, Harry Macklowe. It was demolished in 2007 to make room for the $1 billion 432 Park Avenue project.

Construction is currently under way with several floors above grade, already poured. The 432 Park Avenuewebsite has installed construction progress cameras on nearby buildings so that the world on the internet may follow the building's growth. See the link in the References Section of this page.[4]

Layout and Features

With its prestigious location and high profile, residences in 432 Park Avenue are destined to be very luxurious.

For instance, residences include private elevator landings and separate service entrances. Eat-in kitchens, large master suites with adjoining dressing rooms, and his and her windowed bathrooms are a few more of the luxurious trimmings residents can come to expect.

30,000 square feet of amenities space will be used by residents for a private restaurant and an outdoor garden for dining and event. A spa and fitness center will feature steam rooms, sauna, massage services, and a 75 foot lap pool.[5]

Spaces for other purposes may be purchased such as storage facilities, offices suites, climate-controlled wine cellars, and even staff apartments.

Here are a few artist's renderings of the suite layouts (all renderings copyright© of DBOX for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties):

Floor Plans

Not all the floor plans have been published yet. For now here are a few general layouts:


A long list of luxurious amenities is proposed for residents. Images and renderings for some of these items are not available at this time. However, the list includes:

  • Spa and fitness center
  • Pool
  • Library
  • Lounge and billiards room
  • Miele stainless steel appliances
  • Radient heated floors
  • Stand alone soaker tubs
  • Solid oak flooring
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Screening room
  • Performance venue
  • Children's playroom
  • Bike storage


432 Park Avenue Bylaws

  • The building condominium board has not been formed to formalize building bylaws and regulations. More information will be added to this section as it becomes known.


432 Park Avenue is not specifically designed or constructed to follow any USGBC (United States Green Building Council) sustainability guidelines.

However, many modern 'green' features are being considered during its construction. Dual glazed windows are being installed throughout the structure. A solar consultant was hired to assess the effects of the sun at different heights and seasons. From these studies, the filter capability of the glaze was determined for windows to maximize light and minimize heat loss or ingress.

Modern construction methods and guidelines from the city and the state require builders to comply with safe handling and of materials and the safe environmentally conscious disposal of construction waste.

Energy efficient appliances are planned for the apartments. Low-flow fixtures and individually controllable spaces are also being incorporated.


Height comparison chart for tallest residential structures
  • The chart at the right shows the chronological history and progress of the tallest residential buildings. Upon completion, 432 park Avenue will be the tallest residential building in the world ... until the next two on the chart get built.
  • The Drake Hotel was demolished to make space for 432 Park Avenue. In 1926, when the Drake Hotel first opened, it boasted such innovations as "automatic refrigeration" (remember, the Ice Delivery Man was still a very important member of the community), and also, luxurious rooms and suites. Some famous celebrities stayed in the hotel including:
    • Silent film star, Lillan Gish - who lived there from 1946 to 1949
    • Frank Sinatra (Singer/actor)
    • Muhammed Ali (Boxer)
    • Judy Garland (Actor)
    • Jimi Hendrix (Guitarist)
    • Glenn Gould (Pianist)
    • Led Zeppelin (Rock band)
    • The Who (Rock band)
  • Swissotel acquired the property in the early 1980s and completely renovated the hotel, room by room. That took until 1991. In 2006, Harry Macklowe bought the hotel and it was taken down in 2007.[6]


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