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Albanese Organization
Established 1965
Website Albanese Organization
Corporate Address 1050 Franklin Avenue, Garden City, New York, NY

Albanese Organization is a privately held, full service real estate firm specializing in creating commercial and residential buildings in the New York Metropolitan area.

It engages in the assemblage, development, construction, rehabilitation, management, and marketing of undeveloped or underutilized properties. The company's portfolio includes office, multifamily, condominium, retail, and hospitality properties.

The Albanese Organization, Inc. was founded in 1949 by Anthony Albanese and Vincent Albanese. It is based in Garden City, New York.[1]


Representative Buildings by Albanese Organization

Albanese Organization is dedicated to creating commercial and residential buildings of distinction, quality and architectural merit.[2]

The organization has committed to sustainable designs in recent years. In particular, the Visionaire, completed in 2008 by Albanese Organization and certified a year later, is New York City’s first certified LEED Platinum condominium building.

Some buildings by Albanese Organization include:[3]

Visionaire, 70 Little West Street, New York City, NY

Opened in 2008, Visionaire is the third sustainable building built by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and the Albanese Organization, following The Solaire and The Verdesian, but The Visionaire was the only one to achieve a LEED certification at the Platinum level.

In fact, The Visionaire is the first condominium building in Manhattan to achieve this distinction and is known for being one of the greenest condo building in all of New York City. In today’s ever growing awareness of sustainability, The Visionaire has positioned itself to be one of the most sought after buildings in Manhattan for the foreseeable future.

100 United Nations Plaza, New York City, NY

100 United Nations Plaza is noted for being a harbinger of the glamour that now infuses the Turtle Bay neighborhood.

With its dramatic design of ribbed setback terraces and steep pointed roof, the building has become an iconic landmark of the area, albeit unofficially.

It was one of the most prominent buildings in the area until the construction of Trump World Tower one block away several years later.

Solaire, 20 River Terrace, New York, NY


Solaire is the first “green” high-rise residential tower in the United States.

It was designed to adhere to the strict environmental guidelines formulated by Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority.

It was the first high-rise residential project to receive LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, and was also honored with a Top Ten Award from the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment.[4]

Other Buildings by Albanese Organization



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