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200 North San Fernando Road

Alta Lofts
Alta Lofts-LA-Exterior.jpg

An exterior shot of Alta Lofts in Los Angeles
Building Information
Architect Pugh+Scarpa
Management Company Action Property Management
Number of Units 104
Number of Floors 5
Year Built 1925
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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200 North San Fernando Road
Distance to Public Transit Light rail stop nearby
Region Los Angeles
Municipality Los Angeles
Zoning M2-1
Title of Land Condominium



The six floor, 104 unit Alta Lofts began its life as the Fuller Paint Company Warehouse.[1] Originally built in 1925, the warehouse eventually lapsed into disuse, until it was redeveloped into the building it is today. The result of the renovations is a structure that has one foot in the era that it was built in, and the other in the era that it is meant to serve today, with retro touches meshing with modern amenities seamlessly. In addition, the structure is notable for the environmentally friendly approach that was taken in its renovation.

Located in the historic Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles, there is no shortage of activities for residents to partake in, not the least of which is exploring the neighborhood itself, which has grown and changed along with the building that is now Alta Lofts.


An overhead snapshot of Dodger Stadium

Built in the middle of the Lincoln Heights area, Alta Lofts finds itself in the middle of a neighborhood with history and character to spare. Formerly enjoying a reputation of wealth and privilege, Lincoln Heights went through a period of economic depression before undergoing a resurgence. There are a number of shops and restaurants just minutes away, and Alta Lofts is also within close proximity to Los Angeles cornerstones like the legendary Dodger Stadium and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Accessibility wise, there are three major highways servicing the region, and there is also a Gold Line rail stop close by, allowing residents to easily get to Pasadena, Los Feliz, and Glendale.[2]


With its first incarnation being a 1920s warehouse, it should come as no surprise that, renovations aside, Alta Lofts is a traditionally constructed structure at its heart. Of particular note is its facade, meant to invoke Spanish Revivalism in its design and left almost intact by the developers. Also of note is a metal cap on top of the building, ostensibly meant to lend the structure a modernist touch. The resulting contrast between old fashioned and modern gives Alta Lofts a chic appeal.

The interior, however, is another story. With a walkway system to allow smooth resident flow throughout Alta Lofts, gardens on the roof and a main courtyard to provide natural light and a breeze through the building, there is no doubt that plenty of work went into its modernization.[3]

Layout and Features

The barbecue area

Unsurprisingly, many of the 104 units are loft studios; there are, however, a number of one and two bedroom examples as well. The units at Alta Lofts come well equipped, with stainless steel appliances from Whirlpool, granite counter tops, and high ceilings only being some of the standard features. Select units also have balconies, sectional overhead doors, ceramic tile flooring in the baths, and hardwood floors.

Additional features include a fifth floor deck, landscaped courtyard, a shared barbecue area, and a parking garage.[4] There is also ground floor retail.

Floor Plans

Floor plans from Alta Lofts are available to the public via their official website.[5]


Some of Alta Lofts' amenities include:

  • Gated parking for residents and guests
  • Fifth floor deck
  • Pre-wired for washer/dryer installation
  • Whirlpool appliances standard for every unit
  • Granite counter tops
  • Fitness center


Alta Lofts Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Renters are permitted
  • Alta Lofts is a pet friendly condominium
  • There is no age restriction on residents
  • Communal barbecue area available


Alta Lofts is a building that undoubtedly had sustainability as one of its major design cornerstones. The lighting system within the structure utilizes energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, and the central heating setup features energy saving thermostats. The main courtyard is designed to allow plenty of natural light in during the day, which further reduces the electricity used.

An interesting touch comes courtesy of the gardens, which were planted with the concept of xeriscaping in mind; xeriscaping revolves around the idea of landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce the need for external irrigation, thus lowering the water usage even more.[6]


A picture of Alta Lofts before the renovation
  • Completion of Alta Lofts took eight years
  • It was originally designated to be renovated into low income housing
  • Despite the warehouse having being built in 1925, the Fuller Paint Company had been present in the Los Angeles area since 1885
  • Fuller was renowned for its complementary color selections and reasonable pricing
  • Pugh+Scarpa, the architectural firm responsible for the renovation of Alta Lofts, became Brooks+Scarpa in 2011


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