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1238 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC


The exterior of Altadena in Vancouver
Building Information
Architect Lawrence Doyle Young & Wright Architects
Management Company Crosby Property Management
Number of Units 102
Number of Floors 14
Year Built 2004
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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1238 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



Altadena's main entrance

Residences located in the Downtown Core of Vancouver tend to have certain aspects in common. For one thing, most of them fall under the banner of 'luxury residences', given what they have to offer the prospective residents in terms of quality of life and their proximity to upscale areas.

They also have a tendency to look a little bit more polished on the outside; while this does not always mean bold, striking design choices that deviate heavily from the norm, a effort has usually been made to make the building stand out, even if just a little bit. Altadena, to no one's surprise, is a downtown building that embraces these aspects whole heartedly.

Constructed in 2004, Altadena is a 14 floor tower with 102 units available for sale or rent, along with three units strictly for commercial use.[1] It was designed by Lawrence Doyle Young & Wright Architects, who are by and large responsible for the structure's elegant appearance. With a variety of amenities to offer its residents, it is a building that fully embraces the vibrant West Coast lifestyle.

As a building located on Burrard Street, it naturally has access to some of Vancouver's finest shopping and cuisine, to say nothing of the nightlife or other nearby attractions. With so much to do so close to Altadena, there is no doubt that it is a safe bet that the residents will not become bored any time soon.


A snapshot of the surrounding neighbourhood

Located on Burrard Street, Altadena is right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, complete with all the benefits that such a location confers. The most obvious of these is probably the veritable smorgasbord of shopping that lies nearby, as Downtown is one of the more affluent regions of the city.

Thus, many high end retail locations set up shop there, with many of them being in the Pacific Centre shopping mall and the rest of them being scattered up and down the neighbourhood's many side streets. Of course, one cannot talk about the shopping without bringing up the food, and fortunately for Altadena's gourmands, some of the best restaurants in the city are close to home, with all kinds of cuisine being represented with aplomb.

Altadena has many shops and services within easy walking distance of the building's front doors. In addition, there is also Vancouver's transit system to take into account; Altadena has 46 bus options nearby, as well as three SkyTrain stations servicing the area, meaning that a person has access to most of the Lower Mainland even if they don't own a vehicle.[2]


An example of a kitchen

A concrete structure like many of its neighbours, Altadena nevertheless possesses a distinctive appearance, courtesy of Lawrence Doyle Young & Wright Architects.

While the underlying base is traditional in nature, it is Altadena's exterior where many of the unique design changes came in. An asymmetrical building, Altadena has a base with a tower projecting upwards, with the tower having a slightly curved facade on one side.

The curvature is enhanced with the effective placement of the many windows, as well as the sparing use of metal accents on the exterior. The result is a condominium that certainly manages to stand out from the crowd.

Layout and Features

Altadena's 102 residential units come in one bedroom and two bedroom configurations, with the number of bathrooms usually correlating with the number of bedrooms. The units have a fair amount of variation in terms of space, with the one bedroom units ranging from 500 to 800 square feet and the two bedroom units ranging from 800 to 1300 square feet.[3]

The residences are well equipped, featuring luxuries like natural gas fireplaces, stainless steel appliances from Frigidaire, hardwood flooring or slate tile flooring, track lighting, and granite counter tops. Other features include balconies and decks.[4]

Floor Plans

As there are no free floor plans for Altadena available, curious parties must rely on video footage to get a close look at the building and the unit features.

[5] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Some of Altadena's amenities include:

  • Fitness centre
  • Sauna
  • Bike room
  • In-suite laundry
  • Secure parking
  • Storage lockers


Altadena Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are permitted
  • Altadena is a pet friendly building
  • There is no age restriction in place
  • Barbecues are allowed


Although Altadena was never earmarked as a particularly green building, there are nevertheless a couple of features that are quite beneficial to the environment. For one thing, its hot water system is gas fired and energy efficient, thus reducing the amount of electricity used to supply hot water.

Much in the same vein, the windows of Altadena are double glazed energy efficient models, meaning that even less electricity is used given that the windows handle temperature loss better than typical models.

Of course, residents can also do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling would be an excellent method of reducing waste, as would monitoring electricity and water use. Making sure televisions or faucets are not left on will only improve on the green measures already present.


  • Other buildings by Lawrence Doyle Young & Wright Architects include Alvar on Beach Avenue and Pacific Promenade on Pacific Street
  • Burrard Street, where Altadena is located, is named for Burrard Inlet, a famous inlet named for one Sir Harry Burrard-Neale[6]
  • Other notable buildings nearby include the historic Marine Building and Canada Place
  • Altadena stands at a height of 45 metres/147 feet, and its floor space totals to 74,950 square feet
  • The commercial units on the ground floor include stores like Performance Vision, an optometry store


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