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4353 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC

4363 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC

4373 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC

Brent Gardens

Brent Gardens Main Tower - Exterior
Building Information
Developer Bosa Development
Management Company Ascent Property Management
Number of Units 294
Number of Floors 32
Year Built 1982
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof Concrete
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4353 Halifax Street, Burnaby, BC
Distance to Public Transit Approximately one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Burnaby
Zoning CD RM4
Title of Land Strata



Robert Burnaby - Freemason, explorer, and namesake for Brent Gardens' home city.

Before the turn of the millennium, many locals thought of the Burnaby area where Brent Gardens makes its home as a “bedroom community” suburb of Vancouver. Though many still think that way, it’s now quite safe to say that Burnaby has transitioned from a suburb, to a vibrant urban landscape with a life all its own.

The town of Burnaby was incorporated in 1892. In its early years, Burnaby was a rural agricultural area serving the rapidly expanding centers of Vancouver and New Westminster. Then, as now, it was also an important transportation throughway between Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the interior of British Columbia.

As Vancouver grew, Burnaby did indeed become something of an overspill area, as agricultural space gave way to residential subdivisions. In 1992, exactly 100 years after its initial incorporation, Burnaby achieved city status, continuing to expand as a community in its own right.

Today, Burnaby’s city limits are firmly established. It’s entered the third stage of urban development: from farmland, to suburban homes, to condominium developments. The city can go no further outward, which means it must go up – and the people behind Brent Gardens were among the first to recognize that need.[1]


Brentwood Town Centre, Minutes from Brent Garden's front door.

On Halifax Street, mid-block between Douglas Road and Willingdon Avenue, the three buildings that make up Brent Gardens are all just a few minutes’ walk from amenities including Brentwood Mall, Save-On Foods, The Madison Centre, Brown’s Social House, and Joey Burnaby.

Though the Burnaby area of Vancouver (and the Brentwood area of Burnaby, in particular) has plenty to offer in its own right, one of Brent Gardens’ biggest conveniences is the fact that the same short walk that takes a traveler to Brentwood Mall will also take them to Brentwood Skytrain Station, since the station opens almost directly into the Brentwood Mall parking lot.

Skytrain travelers will find themselves in the heart of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive after a short transit trip from Brentwood. In addition to opening downtown Vancouver’s whole social spectrum, that short Skytrain commute also makes Brent Gardens an excellent home base for the professional who works in Vancouver, but chooses to live in a slightly more budget-conscious neighborhood.[2]


4363 Halifax Street.
4373 Halifax Street.

The Brent Gardens condominium development is comprised of three separate buildings. The main tower at 4353 Halifax Street (pictured at the top of this article) is a modern concrete structure, with 138 units over 25 levels. The vast majority of its suites feature reasonably large private balconies that do a surprisingly good job of fitting into the building’s overall sense of clean, streamlined design – overall, a good balance of form and function.

The wood frame buildings at 4363 and 4373 Halifax Street are much different in terms of construction. They are three and four stories high respectively, with only 68 units in the first and 88 units in the second. These two buildings are semi-circular in shape and, taken together they frame the beautifully landscaped common courtyard from which the building takes its name.

Both of the lower buildings feature more classically shingled roofs, and both are finished in brick. These buildings also feature private balconies, the lowest tier of which open directly onto the courtyard itself.[3]

Layout and Features

The practicalities: Suites at Brent Gardens are available in layouts from studio to two-bedroom, with additional flex/storage space in a number of the units. Flooring is predominantly laminate, but select suites do feature carpet and hardwood.

Living spaces are reasonably open, and most of the building’s natural light enters through multiple glass patio doors that lead onto each unit’s private balcony.

It’s worth noting a particular sense of community that’s apparent at Brent Gardens. Most visibly in the lower buildings that frame the courtyard. Though the clock tower that some real estate sites are quick to mention as a kind of centerpiece for the courtyard isn’t there anymore, building managers have made a concentrated effort to update and maintain Brent Gardens’ green spaces. In this family-friendly building, it's not uncommon to har the sound of children playing outside.

There may not be a pool, or a gym, but this building lacks in "luxury amenities, it makes up in things like its very active social committee - a group of residents who work hard to create a genuinely pleasant get-to-know-your-neighbor lifestyle.

Floor Plans

A floor plate showing the layout and orientation of Brent Gardens' three buildings.

Unfortunately, free floor plans for Brent Gardens are difficult to come by.

To the left, however, is a complete floor plate showing the overall layout and orientation of the three buildings that make up the complex.

Check back here for updates should more free floor plans become available.

Also, see the references section at the end of this article for a brief video showcasing the inside of a sample two-bedroom suite.[4]


Up close with the pool table in the Brent Gardens Common Room.
  • Open courtyard
  • Common room (available to rent for resident social functions)
  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Shared laundry facilities
  • Outdoor tennis court


Brent Gardens Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets No
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Brent Gardens does not allow pets.
  • Suites are available for either rental or purchase.
  • There are no age restrictions on residency.
  • Barbecues are permitted.


Brent Gardens was built in 1982, and is one of the earliest condo developments in the Brentwood area. As such, it can't be expected to measure up to the standards of Vancouver's newer, greener buildings. That said, the building's latest renovations (the ones that took away the central clock-tower) added improved insulation and lower energy fixtures in the common areas.

As with much of Brent Gardens, the building's strongest asset in terms of sustainability is its active resident population. In addition to encouraging the use of local and sustainable materials in future renovations, Brent's social committee has also organized a recycling campaign that sees the profits from refundable recyclables reinvested in social events for the building. Regular garage sales and designated days for the proper disposal of electronics also promote positive reuse and recycling practices.

In the end, Brent Gardens may not be the most environmentally conscious of buildings, but the people who call it home are working hard to make it that much more so.


Burnaby native Michael J. Fox as the iconic Marty McFly.
  • Michael J. Fox may have gone all the way back to the future, but he started out in the Burnaby area of Vancouver, not far from the home of Brent Gardens. So did Carrie-Anne Moss (Memento, The Matrix trilogy) and crooner Michael Bublé.
  • Fun facts: Burnaby's official flower is the rhododendron. It has three sister cities: Gatineau, Quebec; Kushiro, Japan; and Mesa, Arizona. Also, the "middle" of Burnaby marks the exact geographical centre of Greater Metropolitan Vancouver.
  • Even though Burnaby is one of the most densely populated cities in British Columbia, its ratio of residents to open parkland is one of the highest in the whole of North America.[5]


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