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590 Nicola Street, Vancouver, BC


An exterior shot of Cascina in Coal Harbour
Building Information
Developer ASPAC Development
Architect James K. M. Cheng
Management Company Stratawest Management
Number of Units 117
Number of Floors 25
Year Built 2001
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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590 Nicola Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Bus/SkyTrain accessible
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning CD-1 (312)
Title of Land Strata



Cascina's main entrance

There is no doubt that the Coal Harbour area has made great strides in the past two decades from a development standpoint. A large contributor to said development was ASPAC Development, who built multiple residential condominiums in the area starting with Avila and Bauhinia in 1998. Cascina is yet another one of their projects, and there is no doubt that it lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors.

Built in 2001, three years after its siblings, Cascina is a 25 floor tower with 117 units available for both sale and rent.[1] It was designed by renowned Vancouver architect James K. M. Cheng. As a result, it carries many of the hallmarks found in his works which makes for an attractive building indeed.

Luxury condominiums are naturally expected to offer their residents a wide range of amenities, and Cascina certainly does not fail in this regard, with a generous selection of relaxing facilities on site to make the lives of its residents easier.

There is also Cascina's location itself to take note of, as Coal Harbour has a variety of attractions to peruse. In addition, the renowned sights, shopping and cuisine of Downtown Vancouver are only a few minutes away, so residents are sure to never get bored.


A shot of the surrounding area

Cascina is located in Coal Harbor, a section of Burrard Inlet that is between Stanley Park and Vancouver.

Given its proximity to the water, it should come as no surprise that there are a surplus of marine based businesses there, such as the Vancouver Rowing Club. The region also possesses no small amount of historical significance, as many settlements and services were started here over a century ago, with the Pacific Lumber Mill Company being only one such example. The area also has a fair bit of shopping and sightseeing opportunities, and the fact that Downtown Vancouver is not all that far away only expands the amount of these opportunities.[2]

Vancouver is a city that is renowned for the efficiency of its transit system, and Cascina's location only highlights its considerable coverage. Not only are there 47 bus options near Cascina, but Vancouver's light rail system, the SkyTrain, has three stations nearby as well. As a result, much of the Lower Mainland is accessible without the use of a vehicle. In addition, many shops and services are within walking distance of Cascina, meaning that a quick stop at the grocery store or cafe is as easy as stepping off the elevator and walking down the street.[3]


A dining room in Cascina

The brainchild of James K. M. Cheng, the pioneer of the design ethos known as Vancouverism, Cascina hosts many of the architect's hallmarks. For instance, Cheng's buildings are known for their heavy use of glass in their designs, and anyone who lays their eyes on Cascina will immediately notice the generous use of shining panes on the building's exterior.

In addition, Cheng places a high priority on visible sight lines, something that was clearly taken into account with Cascina's spectacular views. It must be noted, though; Cascina does deviate from Cheng's normal pattern in one way in that it is a concrete based building, while many of his other works utilize steel frames. That said, one certainly cannot tell the difference simply by looking at it, as Cascina is just as striking as any other of Cheng's structures.

Layout and Features

The 117 units offered by Cascina come in one, two, and three bedroom configurations, though it is worth noting that there are significantly more of the first two types than there are of the third. For a size comparison, the one bedroom units start at around 800 square feet, and two bedroom units start at around 1100 square feet, and the three bedroom units are the largest, with the biggest examples being well over 3000 square feet.

As expected of a building like Cascina, the feature list is quite generous, including luxuries like porcelain floor tiles in the bathrooms, maple wood cabinetry, heated floors, in-suite laundry, and granite counter tops.

Floor Plans

As there are currently no free floor plans for Cascina available, prospective residents and other curious parties will need to make do with video footage of the building.

While not having the minutiae of a floor plan, the clip does have the distinct advantage of allowing the viewer to see the building up close.

[4] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Some of Cascina's amenities include:

  • Whirlpool
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness centre
  • Secured parking
  • Sauna
  • Library


Cascina Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Cascina is a pet-friendly building
  • There are no age restrictions in place


While part of Vancouverism involves the heavy usage of transit by its patrons, there are unfortunately few other aspects of it that are explicitly green. One could certainly make a strong argument for the vast proliferation of windows being excellent for natural illumination, which in turn reduces the amount of energy spent on artificial lighting, though one could also argue that the efficiency increase could have been even more significant had the designers used dual glazed panes.

Residents, however, can take measures of their own to help reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling is a good way to reduce excess waste as well as the active monitoring of water/energy use.


  • ASPAC Developments was formed in 1993, and are in fact best known for their work in converting Coal Harbour into a premier waterfront neighbourhood.[5]
  • Cascina, like many of ASPAC's other buildings, draws its name from European culture; to be more specific, it is quite possible that it is named after a small town in Tuscany, Italy.[6]
  • The town is known for being home to the European Gravitational Observatory, a scientific facility of some repute.
  • Stratawest, as one may be able to infer from its name, is somewhat of a specialized firm, choosing to focus primarily on strata corporations instead of all types of property.


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