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New York City, NY

Featured Building: Adlon


In 1912, the Adlon was built, another fantastic architectural gem from the Blum Brothers, resplendent with Art Nouveau shields and squares, recalling details from the Arts and Crafts era. It took its name from a famous hotel in Berlin, at the time, called Hotel Adlon.

The Adlon in 1912, with the Aljomor right behind it
Edward Blum must have worked overtime on this design while brother George handled more of the business end of things. Although both brothers were educated as architects at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, office scuttle-butt that surfaced decades later about life around the Blums, suggested that Edward was the flighty one and George, the serious one.

The Adlon's history is inextricably linked with a 13 story apartment building built simultaneously right behind the Adlon, called the Aljomor. This fancy name was a morph of the three main investors, Joseph Graf, Morris Goldstone, and Alexander Pincus, using the first letters of each man's first name.

The Adlon and the Aljomor were joined on July 6, 1919, when both buildings were purchased by developers Bing & Bing for $1.5 million, in a big real estate deal that The New York Times said, “That the realty market is on the boom was shown conclusively by the volume and importance of last week’s transactions”, writing about the combined buildings now referred to as The Adlons. The combined buildings now contained 142 apartments and ten retail stores.

The Adlon today
Shame and scandal, it seemed, were the de rigueur over the course of Adlon's life. It was home to many stars, both from stage and silent film. Conway Tearle, for instance, a star of stage and screen (both silent and talkies) was living at the Adlon with his second wife (he had four) and was under contract with Lewis J. Selznick, and earning $2000 a week. That's about $20,000 a week in "today" dollars. His first wife heard about the deal and and wanted more than the $25 a week he was paying her for alimony. She sued for $65 a week. Tearle's attourney complained that the actor's former wife was trying to ruin him (Conway) ... [1]

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Meanwhile, in 1989, the con-joined Adlon had fallen into to disrepair through neglect and time. It had just been converted into a cooperative and pieces of the copper and cast stone had fallen away. By 1999, the owners realized they had a gem on their hands and took it upon themselves to repair the façade replacing the missing bits and cleaning up the rest.

This 100 year old treasure has survived many construction purges in Mid-town while standing as a prominent reminder of fine architecture detail of days gone by, one that bucked the Beaux Arts trend of residential buildings of the time and displayed Arts and Crafts styling and Art Nouveau details.


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