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2170 Century Park East, Los Angeles

Century Park East
Century Park East-LA-Exterior.jpg

A look at the outside of Century Park East in Los Angeles
Building Information
Architect Charles Luckman
Management Company Century Park Homeowners Association
Number of Units 480
Number of Floors 21
Year Built 1968
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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2170 Century Park East, Los Angeles
Distance to Public Transit Bus stops nearby
Region Los Angeles
Municipality Los Angeles
Zoning R4-2-O
Title of Land Condominium



Century Park East is a two tower condominium complex in Los Angeles. As one familiar with the area might be able to infer, it is located in the famed Century City business district, an area known for housing many businesses and just as many upscale residences within its boundaries.

Built in 1968 and spanning 21 floors, it was the very first condominium to be built in Century City. It has the distinction of being designed by one Charles Luckman, an American architect/businessman who made a lasting mark in both fields; indeed, his defining touch on the towers might just have to be the many floor to ceiling windows that propagate the facade.[1] Not only do they allow for an excellent view of the surrounding landscape and neighborhood, they also serve to enhance the visual appeal of the complex itself.

With a wealth of amenities available to its residents and a fairly recent renovation having been completed, Century Park East makes an excellent choice for a prospective homeowner, particularly if they want to live in a fast-paced, vibrant neighborhood.


Constellation Place, former home of MGM and current home of many businesses

Located on 2170 Century Park East, the twin structures find themselves at the heart of Los Angeles' Century City neighborhood. The area is renowned for its myriad of business dealings; indeed, many corporations and business firms have headquarters there, with the most prominent being 20th Century Fox. The region is equally famed for the many high rises that peak above the city, with a great deal of those buildings being among the first of their kind to be erected, with Century Park East leading the charge for others to follow in its footsteps.[2]

As befitting a region with so much income flowing through it, there are many shops and boutiques for the discerning customer to enjoy and patronize. Indeed, a bonus to living in Century Park East is the close proximity of many necessary businesses and services; with a walk score of 80/100, many errands are capable of being down on foot. Of course, there are also many schools nearby, all targeting different levels of education. There are eight bus stops in the vicinity, though unfortunately there is no light rail service in the region. Cyclists will have to take note that while the roads are fairly flat, bike lanes are at a minimum.[3]


The twin towers comprising Century Park East are traditionally constructed structures with very little in the way of contemporary flair, though considering they date back to 1968 perhaps Charles Luckman can be forgiven for the oversight. By the standards of the day, Century Park East was most likely a very handsome complex, especially considering that it was the first of its kind. The comparison between the 21 story towers and the smaller apartment buildings and houses of the day must have been quite the contrast, to say the least. The large windows and balconies would have undoubtedly enhanced this image tremendously.

All things considered, the towers have aged well; while not looking particularly special among a field of steel and glass towers, they nevertheless maintain an air of reserved elegance. The interior has not been neglected in the meantime; a large renovation was recently completed, including such modifications as new plumbing and hallways. [4]

Layout and Features

An example of a living room

The 480 units in Century Park East are available in one, two, and three bedroom configurations. In terms of size, they range from 805 square feet to 2525 square feet, with the three bedroom units being the largest.

The residences come generously equipped, with luxury features such as satellite television, high speed internet, and balconies.[5]

Additional features include brand new laundry facilities, a dog park, and an excellent camera system for resident security.

Floor Plans

Unfortunately, Century Park East does not currently have floor plans available to the public. Luckily, there is video footage showcasing the exterior and interior of Century Park East, as well as many of its amenities, meaning prospective residents still have a chance to envision what it would be like to live there.

[6] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Century Park East has a variety of amenities available for its residents:

  • Heated Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Tennis court
  • Sauna
  • Dog park
  • 24 hour valet parking


Century Park East Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Century Park East is pet friendly
  • There is no age restriction for residents
  • Barbecues are permitted


As Century Park East was built in the late 1960's, it is no surprise that sustainability was not factored into its construction.

Residents can do their part for the environment by walking and taking transit in lieu of driving.

In addition, actively recycling is always a step in the right direction, as is the reduction of unnecessary water and electricity use.

Finally, the large windows can be used as illumination during the days instead of using artificial lighting systems.


Charles Luckman on the cover of TIME Magazine
  • As evidenced by his making of the TIME cover, architect Charles Luckman truly excelled in both business and architecture; for instance, he became the president of the Pepsodent toothpaste company at the young age of 30, earning the nickname "Boy Wonder of American Business" in the process[7]
  • Some other design credits he has under his belt are the Kennedy Space Center and Madison Square Garden
  • Century Park East has the largest park-like property in Los Angeles


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