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1328 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC


A snapshot of Classico on 1328 West Pender Street
Building Information
Developer Pinnacle International Group
Architect Bingham Hill Architects
Number of Units 191
Number of Floors 38
Year Built 2003
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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1328 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Bus stops nearby, SkyTrain accessible
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



Classico's main entrance

The word 'classic' brings to mind many qualities. Elegance, timelessness, craftsmanship; all are words that go hand in hand with classic, and thus it is not at all surprising that the Pinnacle International Group chose Classico as the name of one of its many luxury condominiums.

Built in 2003, Classico is a 38 story tall building made from concrete, with its 191 units available for both sale and rent.[1] It was designed by Bingham Hill Architects, who did an excellent job in making sure that Classico lived up to its name, both from a quality perspective and an aesthetic perspective. Its clean, handsome exterior makes for an attractive building, and certainly adds to the appeal of the neighbourhood it stands in.

Constructed on West Pender Street and located close to Gastown and Coal Harbour, Classico finds itself near a number of Vancouver's most vibrant neighbourhoods, and all the attractions and sights that they have to offer. In addition, the building has a generous selection of amenities on tap, meaning residents can kick back and relax as easily as they can hit the gym for a strenuous workout.


A shot of nearby Coal Harbour

Located on 1328 West Pender Street, Classico is close to many of Vancouver's finest neighbourhoods and attractions. For instance, the picturesque Coal Harbour is located a few minutes away, so residents do not have to go far to experience a comfortable day relaxing by - or on, for that matter - the water.

If residents feel the need to shop till they drop, they can head to Burrard Street, where some of the best shopping in the city lies, from clothing boutiques to jewelry stores and everything in-between. It would also be a shame not to mention the excellent restaurants around the area, with all types of cuisine proudly represented; a happy byproduct of Vancouver's status as a cultural melting-pot.

There is no need to own a car if one lives at Classico, as the city's famed public transit system provides excellent coverage. For instance, there are 47 bus stops near Classico alone, going to all areas of the lower mainland. In addition, residents have the three lines of the Skytrain, Vancouver's elevated light rail system. There are two stations near Classico, both serving different lines.

Errands are a simple task as a result, especially considering the many stores and services located near Classico. There is also the option to own a bicycle and use that as a primary method of transportation, as the terrain is fairly even and there are many bike lanes on the streets.[2]


Though it is a typical condominium at its heart, Classico manages to avoid looking as such, a credit to Bingham Hill Architects, for sure. A concrete structure equipped with a rain screen for Vancouver's often wet weather, the building's exterior employs a mixed finish, making effective use of glass, concrete, and little bit of metal to enhance the aesthetic appeal greatly. While admittedly not the most distinctive building in Vancouver, Classico is nevertheless solidly built and elegant, and still manages to stand out from the many other condominiums in the city.

Layout and Features

A typical bathroom at Classico

Classico's 191 units come in one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom configurations, with the number of bathrooms depending on the unit. In terms of size, the smallest one bedroom residences are around 600 square feet, while the largest three bedroom examples start at around 1300 square feet. These measurements appear to be more or less in line with the average amounts of space for buildings in the Downtown area at this price point.

The residences come fairly well equipped, with a list standard features including things like stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, nine foot ceilings, and granite counter tops. Additional features include fireplaces and balconies.[3]

Floor Plans

Unfortunately, Classico does not have floor plans for public viewing at this time. However, prospective residents and other curious parties can see video footage of the layouts to get an accurate glimpse at some of the building's features and highlights.

[4] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


A list of Classico's amenities is below:

  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness centre
  • Courtyard
  • Lounge
  • Sauna
  • Concierge


Classico Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Classico is pet-friendly
  • There is no age restriction on residents
  • Barbecues are permitted


There is unfortunately no indication that Classico was constructed with green living in mind. Thus, it falls to the building's residents to reduce their impact on the environment.

An easy way to do this would be to opt against using a car as often as possible, choosing instead to take advantage of Vancouver's excellent transit system.

Another way would be to reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day, as the size of the windows ensures better than average illumination.

Recycling is always a good option when it comes to helping the environment.


  • Classico stands at a height of 327 feet/100 metres[5]
  • Bingham Hill Architects have been since operating since 1968 and their other works include buildings like the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's School of Music
  • Coal Harbour can actually refer to two areas near each other; the neighbourhood in which Classico stands, and a specific section of Burrard Inlet
  • The developers, Pinnacle Hill International, is one of Canada's leading builders for luxury condominiums like Classico


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