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Condopedia is a wiki that contains information about various aspects of the residential condominium real estate market in North America. Content on Condopedia is created and edited by reader. While Condopedia does its best to remove intentionally inaccurate or misleading information, Condopedia can't guarantee that any information about specific properties is accurate at any given time. Opinions expressed in articles are those of the submitters and do not represent the opinion of Condopedia.

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Condopedia is supported by advertising purchased by commercial sponsors. These commercial sponsors are primarily associated with the Real Estate agency in North America.

Condopedia makes no guarantees with respect to the claims made by advertisers featured on the site. The presence of an advertiser on Condopedia does not constitute an explicit or implicit endorsement of that advertiser by Condopedia.

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To purchase advertising on Condopedia please contact our support team by email at We'll get back to you as quickly as we can and make payment arrangements.

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