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125 Milross Avenue, Vancouver, BC


Creekside as seen from Quebec Street
Building Information
Developer Bosa Development
Architect Perkins & Company Architecture and Urban Design Inc.
Management Company Rancho
Number of Units 165
Number of Floors 22
Year Built 2007
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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125 Milross Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Distance to Public Transit One block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning HA-1A
Title of Land Condominium




The Creekside condominium building is a modern complex located between Quebec Street and Main Street. Developers derived its name from its location next to False Creek. Creekside's construction coincided with two other adjacent developments known as the Citygate as means to initiate urban renewal in a community that had been plagued with addiction and poverty problems for quite sometime.

Today the neighborhood is in transition. New Developments have been attracted to the area due to the influx of new residents from Creekside as well as the neighboring Olympic Village. As a result, it has become much busier with visitors attracted by False Creek and the newly renovated Science Centre.

Creekside is in a location that enables residents to be in close proximity to a number of different communities. these include China Town, Yaletown, Strathcona and downtown Vancouver. With a SkyTrain station just minutes away, Creekside is in an ideal location to take advantage of all that Vancouver has to offer. Though, with its sweeping views of False Creek and downtown Vancouver, it is also becoming a popular place to visit. [1]


The Citygate project was a large risk undertaken by the developers. Prior to construction, this area was considered an extension of Hastings Street and was rampant with drug abuse, poverty and crime. Inexpensive hotels lined Main street and the streets were littered with used needles. This area was not a desirable area to be in and was often avoided by most Vancouverites, especially after dark.

Fortunately, Bosa saw potential in the area that overlooked the eastern part of False Creek. Its location is what has made Creekside and the other Citygate developments a resounding success. It is close to downtown but far enough away as to not garnish the inflated prices of other buildings located closer to downtown. Creekside is also located next to the Main Street SkyTrain Station. Offering residents quick access to downtown, Commercial Avenue or anywhere else the SkyTrain operates.

This area is also home to a number of nearby parks including Andy Livingstone Park and Creekside Park which has a portion of the Seawall run through it. For those that attend concerts or sporting events, Two of Vancouver's world class facilities and former Olympic venues BC Place and Rogers Arena both overlook Creekside. [2]


Overhead shot of Creekside and the Citygate development

Units at Creekside are from one to three bedrooms ranging in size from 747 - 1,657 square feet. The town homes have two bedrooms and are between 1,470 and 1,852 square feet in size. The structure is of concrete construction and has 165 units in total.

Developers also made sure that their developments reflected well upon the community by investing heavily in landscaping and redevelopment at street level. This gives the community an upscale feel and has gone a long way to bring new prosperity to the area. [3]

Layout and Features

Creekside was built as a luxury development and its features represent include:

  • hardwood flooring
  • granite counter tops
  • stainless steel appliances
  • fireplace
  • large balconies


Floor Plans

In lieu of floor plans, Condopedia presents a video tour accessed through a link in the References Section of this document. [5]


Amenities at Creeskide include:

  • gym
  • indoor pool
  • sauna
  • private outdoor gardens


Creekside Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • pets are welcome at Creekside
  • rentals are permitted
  • there are no age limits concerning the sale or rental of units
  • barbecues are allowed
  • Creekside has completed a depreciation report


Though built in 2007, no measures were taken specifically for sustainability. However, Creekside has inherently sustainable qualities due to its location.

Creekside is located right next to a SkyTrain station. This enables residents to take advantage of public transit instead of using their car for commuting. It is also in close proximity to downtown, Vancouver. This enables residents to access the downtown core by foot or by using public transit.

The City of Vancouver has an extensive recycling program. They are currently aiming to reduce their landfill intake by 50%. Residents can help the city achieve this goal by utilizing the appropriate bins located in their condominium's garbage disposal room. [6]


The Pacific Central station built in 1919 being constructed on False Creek's Tidal flats. Creekside would be built on this same tidal flat some 80 years later

Creekside is actually sitting on real estate that was once occupied by False Creek. In the 19th century, False Creek extended all the way to present day Clark Street. The eastern end of False Creek was a large tidal flat fanning out from a narrow isthmus of land at what is now Main Street.

The shallows supported abundant sea life such as oysters, clams, crabs, and mussels. The Great Northern Railroad would fill in the eastern portion of the inlet as a means to expand their rail yard. This rail yard still exists and is home to other industrial activity as well.

Afterwards, False Creek would become a haven for industrial activity. This activity reflects Vancouver's past life as an industrial hub. Prior to being lined with condominiums, False Creek was lined with saw mills steel fabrication plants, logging sites, foundries, shipbuilders and various other businesses dependent on a close proximity to rail and water shipping avenues.

As industrial activity went into decline, the organizers of Expo 86 would capitalize on this abundance of newly available waterfront property. Organizers initially wanted the site to be in Coal Harbour, but there wasn't enough real estate available.

The Science Centre located across the street from Creekside continues to serve as a reminder of the Expo's legacy.[7]


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