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717 Jervis Street, Vancouver, BC

Emerald West
Emerald West-Vancouver-Exterior.jpg

A distant shot of Emerald West in Vancouver
Building Information
Developer Bogdonov Pao Associates Ltd
Architect IBI/HB Architects
Management Company Facilitech Property Management Ltd
Number of Units 96
Number of Floors 31
Year Built 1990
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof Tar and Gravel
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717 Jervis Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit SkyTrain/Bus accessible
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning CD-1 (200)
Title of Land Strata



The areas around Vancouver's West End and downtown are known for being some of the more affluent neighbourhoods in the city. This is the case for a variety of reasons, although it is a safe bet that downtown being Vancouver's financial and business core is probably one of the bigger ones.

The sign that greets visitors

Thus, shops and residences around there have developed a reputation for luxury, and the various developers of Vancouver have put a fair bit of work in to make this justifiable. Emerald West is one of the aforementioned residences, and despite being built over two decades ago still manages to offer up a living experience equal to that of its many more recent neighbours.

Originally constructed in 1990, the towering Emerald West has 96 units for sale and rent split up amongst 36 floors.[1] The developing firm was Bogdonov Pao Associates Ltd, while design responsibilities were handed over to the workers at IBI/HB Architects.

As expected of modern condominiums, Emerald West has a selection of amenities to offer its residents that complement its quality units perfectly. In addition, its prime location close to the West End, downtown, and Coal Harbour leave residents with a large selection of things to see and do, ensuring that they will not get bored of where they live for quite sometime.


Robson Street in the West End

Emerald West is located on 717 Jervis Street in Vancouver, and is in an area that is quite close to the West End, Coal Harbour, and the downtown core. This is quite the boon for prospective residents, as they have three of Vancouver's most vibrant neighbourhoods available to explore and enjoy. Downtown Vancouver is probably the most prominent one of the three.

In addition to housing the bulk of Vancouver's financial and governmental sectors it also possesses a wealth of shopping opportunities and is home to some of the best culinary experiences that the city has to offer.

Coal Harbour is somewhat quieter, but due to its proximity to the shoreline has many marine based activities to enjoy. As for the West End, its own selection of shops and boutiques is just as good as downtown's, with much of it being found on the world renowned Robson Street.[2]

Long-time residents of Vancouver are probably already aware of the efficacy of their transit system. TransLink's coverage is complete to the point where ownership of a vehicle is pretty much a luxury as opposed to a necessity. Emerald West is a case in point, as it not only has 47 bus options nearby, it also has three SkyTrain stations available as well, allowing for easy access to much of the Lower Mainland.

Also, there are enough stores and services located close to Emerald West that it is easier to run errands via foot, as there is little point driving when the destinations are so close.[3]


An example of a kitchen

A building generally in line with its contemporaries structurally, Emerald West is constructed to modern specifications and is made primarily of concrete and finished in that same substance. It does not, however, possess any kind of rain screen, something that is normally found on many structures simply due to Vancouver's infamously wet weather.[4]

The designers, IBI/HB Architects, stuck with generally safe aesthetic choices; Emerald West is a handsome building to be sure, with a subtle visual appeal, though the lack of bold design choices may lead some to decry it as staid.

Nevertheless, the building makes effective use of symmetrical window placement to enhance its appearance, and the light coloured exterior complements the myriad of reflective panes quite well. Though the choices made were tried and tested as opposed to innovative, Emerald West serves as a nice reminder as to why cliches become cliches; it is because they consistently work.

Layout and Features

Emerald West's 96 units come in two bedroom examples and three bedroom examples.

As there are no one bedroom units or studio apartments available, Emerald West is best suited for growing families or other such groups.

For a size comparison, the smallest units are around 1178 square feet, while the largest units are around 4568 square feet.

The residences come well equipped, featuring luxuries such as:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • In-suite laundry
  • Tile flooring in the bathrooms.

Floor Plans

Emerald West unfortunately does not offer free floor plans for public viewing. Curious parties, however can view video footage on YouTube that showcases the building's features and highlights.

[5] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Some of Emerald West's amenities include:

  • Concierge
  • Swimming pool
  • Whirlpool


Emerald West Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets No
Age No

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Emerald West does not permit pets
  • There is no age restriction in place


Emerald West was constructed in 1990, a long time before sustainability was a hot button topic. As a result, the building was not built with the idea of green living in mind.

Had it been commissioned to be built now, there is a good chance that it may have incorporated some energy efficiency measures, such as dual glazed windows or geothermal heating systems.

As it stands, residents can offset the lack of green measures by living green themselves. Though Emerald West has no recycling program in place, that certainly should not stop residents from starting, as it is a good way to reduce excess waste.

Other ideas include actively monitoring energy use and using transit in lieu of driving.


  • Bogdonov Pao Associates Ltd have been operating since 1985 with branches in Bellevue, Washington, and Irvine - they have developed buildings such as Aberdeen Shopping Centre and Parker Place, both located in Richmond, BC
  • IBI/HB Architects is the result of a prior integration between two preexisting architectural firms
  • The name Coal Harbour is actually used to refer to two things; a section of Burrard Inlet and the residential neighbourhood that is located near said inlet
  • Vancouver's West End is also known worldwide for hosting the annual Celebration of Light fireworks competition, held at English Bay
  • Robson Street used to be home to a large German community post World War II. For this reason, it was given the nickname Robsonstrasse, and still carries, even today


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