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1420 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC


George - Exterior
Building Information
Developer Wesbild Holdings
Architect Musson Cattell Mackey
Management Company Crosby Property Management
Number of Units 183
Number of Floors 22
Year Built 2003
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof PMR
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1420 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Over 40 options nearby
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



George's logo.

George was finished in 2003. So, comparatively speaking, he’s still pretty new to the city. But George lives in Coal Harbour, and that neighborhood’s been around for quite a while.

Long before George Vancouver sailed Burrard Inlet to Point Grey and gave the city (also, indirectly, the building) its name, there were settlements of the Squamish First Nations in the area of Coal Harbour. Nearby in Stanley Park, archaeologists discovered a large midden: a dump site for broken pots, tools, and the general refuse of a Squamish settlement.

By the time Captain Vancouver – who, by that title, sounds a little like a western Canadian super hero – came along, the Squamish settlement had largely moved on.

Some time later, the Captain noticed a seam of surface coal running some distance along the inlet. It was slated for mining, but left alone when it was discovered to be of a very low grade. In the end, that might have been a blessing since an open coal mine would have changed both the face and the future of today’s Coal Harbour.[1]


George's home in Coal Harbour

With Vancouver’s Financial District to one side and Stanley Park to the other, as well as the city’s marina, it’s a small wonder why Coal Harbour has emerged as the upscale neighborhood that it is.

At the corner of West Georgia and Broughton Streets, George makes its home around boaters, bikers, joggers, and folks just plain relaxing along the Seawall. Nature within a brisk walk of George’s front door. More than anything else, Coal Harbour is a place where those who work at the pace of the Financial District can come home to live at the pace of life in Stanley Park.

That may make it seem as though Coal Harbour itself is somehow detached from life in the rest of Vancouver. It isn’t.

Put simply, Vancouver is a small city that feels big. Shopping on Robson, clubbing on Granville, theatre on Granville Island, the spirited Bohemia of Commercial Drive, or affordable dining anywhere in the downtown core. With nearly 50 public transit options minutes away from the building, Vancouver’s commercial center is almost as close as all that green space and water.[2]


George is a concrete building, constructed in the Modern architectural tradition. At 22 stories high, with 183 units, it's not a small structure. But it's not huge either. Like many of the buildings in Coal Harbour, the design objective behind George wasn't to dominate the skyline, or to stand as a monument to modern living. George is part of a high-rise neighborhood that lives alongside the park and the water.

With those vistas in mind, over sized windows, and private balconies feature prominently - almost necessarily - in George's facade. As does its private garden.

Layout and Features

First off, all of George's individual suites feature sun-rooms, or balconies, or both. Units are available in one or two-bedroom layouts, with master or master-and-guest bathroom arrangements. Suites are floored in either laminate, or genuine hardwood, and kitchens feature stainless steel appliances and polished stone worktops.

Most suites also come with modest home office, or flex spaces.

In addition to the standard suites, George boasts a pair of two-bedroom duplex penthouses, and a surprising five duplex town homes. Complete with full terraces and upper-level balconies, the town homes offer the space of single-dwelling living, with the convenience of strata-based management.[3]

Floor Plans

A selection of George's floor plans:


The exercise room.

George's amenities include:

  • Exercise room
  • Bike room
  • Private garden
  • Secure parking
  • Storage


George Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • George is pet-friendly.
  • Suites are available for both rental and purchase.
  • There are no age restrictions on tenancy or residence.


George was completed and opened for sale in 2003. That leaves it (or him?) just under the bar as part of Vancouver's millennial quest for the title of World's Greenest City by the year 2020. Though George wasn't built as a "green building" it still boasts energy efficient windows, a PMR roof for better heat management, and low-flow/low-energy appliances and fixtures.

Alongside Vancouver's serious commitment to a recycling program that's capable of reducing and reusing almost anything, and the fact that there are roughly 50 public transit options within easy walking distance of George's front door, prospective residents and tenants can consider the building an active part of an actively green city.[4]


Lost Lagoon, in Stanley Park.

George is very close to the entrance of Stanley Park. So is one of the park's best known and most beautiful landmarks, Lost Lagoon.

Canadian poet, Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) gave it that name because, before it was permanently landlocked, the lagoon tended to "disappear" at low tide. Johnson, an avid canoeist, was known to paddle the margins of the lagoon in search of creative inspiration. And in Johnson's time, at the peak of summer, the lagoon would all but vanish. Sometimes for days at a time. When it was gone, Johnson admittedly missed it:

"[A]s that perfect summer month drifted on, the ever restless tides left the harbor devoid of any water at my favorite canoeing hour and my pet idling place was lost for many days[.]"

When she died at age 51, Pauline Johnson was buried in Stanley Park, very near her lagoon.[5]


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