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388 Drake Street, Vancouver, BC

Governor's Tower
Building Information
Developer Concord Pacific
Architect DYS Architecture
Management Company Vancouver Condominium Services
Number of Units 135
Number of Floors 29
Year Built 1995
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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388 Drake Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Distance to Public Transit One block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning CD-1
Title of Land Condominium



Governor's Tower is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Yaletown

Yaletown has come to represent the quintessential Vancouver lifestyle. Nestled around a historic neighbourhood and at the foot of False Creek, this area has become the new haven for Vancouver professionals who are looking for an upscale neighbourhood without an upscale attitude.

When the Exposition of Vancouver concluded in 1986, acclaimed developers Concord Pacific were given a blank canvas to create an entirely new community in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Using heritage warehouses from the areas former use as a railroad depot as its focal point, Concord Pacific built a full service community that has since become popular with both local residents and tourists alike.

Governor's Tower was one of the first developments on site and therefore was able to secure one of the most desirable pieces of real estate within Yaletown. Its location in front of David Lam Park ensures that its False Creek views will go uninhibited. The tower is well within walking distance to Yaletowns historic hub and Canada Line subway station. [1]


Governor's Tower is a high end condominium building that would offer a great lifestyle no matter where it is located. Though its location on one of Vancouver's most famous parks in the city's trendiest area doesn't hurt either. Residents live in Yaletown for its location and its proximity to essential and nonessential services. Banks, grocery stores are mixed in with restaurants and hair salons, all within an easy walk of each other.

Yaletown is close to the downtown core and is right next to the city's major stadiums, making it the place to congregate before, during and after events have taken place. This area is also served by its own Canada Line subway station and is considered to be one of the safest neighbourhoods in all of Vancouver. [2]

Most residents live in Vancouver to lead an active lifestyle. Governor's Tower complements this by being conveniently located next to David Lam Park. A beautiful park located on the water's edge of False Creek. Adjacent to David Lam Park is Vancouver's beloved seawall, a haven for runners and cyclists, the seawall extends all the way around Stanley Park.


Governor's Tower as seen from Pacific Boulevard

One thing that can be said about Concord Pacific developments is that they adhere to a strict formula. This formula would be later defined as Vancouverism. Governor's Tower was one of their first developments in Yaletown and was so successful that Concord Pacific incorporated it into other developments in the area.

The most defining feature of Governor's Tower is its glass facade. This actually plays two roles. It offers residents spectacular views of False Creek and David Lam Park. It also is resistant to rain, important in a city as famous for its precipitation as it is for its waterfront views.

Beneath all that glass is a concrete core that is extremely resistant to acoustics. The building has 135 units that come in sizes that range from one to three bedrooms. In 2007, a complete building enclosure rehabilitation was undertaken due to water ingress beneath the glass facade. During this project, high performance wall and glazing assemblies were incorporated to reduce overheating problems in suites, improve energy efficiency, and ensure long term performance.[3]

Layout and Features

Most homes at Governor's Tower offer in-suite laundry, storage lockers, great layouts and large living/dining areas. The kitchens originally had white appliances but many have been updated to granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Some homes have David Lam Park and False Creek views. [4]

Floor Plans

The building offers multiple configurations of units in sizes ranging from one to three bedrooms. Four of the floor plans are located below.


Governor's Tower offers a number of amenities including a swimming pool, gym, common artist space and private courtyard.


Governor's Tower Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Vancouver is very pet friendly, this same courtesy is extended at Governor's Tower
  • Rentals are permitted
  • There are no age restrictions on the sale or rental of properties at Governor's Tower
  • Barbecues are permitted on outdoor patios


Governor's Tower was not initially built to follow any sustainable 'green' building guidelines. However, during a renovation in 2007 new seals were placed on all of the windows. As well, all of the penthouse windows were completely replaced. Allowing climate control to be maintained much more efficiently.

The buildings facade of glass also enables residents to do without lighting until the sun sets.

Vancouver prides itself on leading the nation in terms of environmentally sustainable practices. Which is why Vancouver has one of the most extensive recycling programs around.

All condominium buildings are required to have recycling facilities that adhere to this. Making recycling easy and accessible to all condominium owners in Vancouver.[5]


David Lam, the 25th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia from 1988-1995
  • Governor's Tower is named after the honourable David Lam (1923-2010). David Lam served as the 25th Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia from 1988-1995. Lam was the first Asian-Canadian to hold this position and was also a prominent fixture in Vancouver's real estate market. He is also responsible for founding the dragon boat races that are held next door to the building in False Creek. Lam was a visionary in terms of Vancouver's development and the legacy of his work lives on to this day.[6]
  • Concord Pacific is a Hong Kong based developer which means that it incorporates a certain degree of Chinese culture into each development. One peculiar thing that will stand out to residents of their developments is the absence of the number four. Four is considered to be bad luck in China and therefore, there is no 4th, 14th or 24th floor in Governor's Tower. This effectively adds three stories. Turning a 29 story building into 32 stories!


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