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330 West 11th Street, Los Angeles, CA

Grand Lofts
Grand Lofts-LA-Exterior.jpg

Grand Lofts in Los Angeles
Building Information
Developer Lee Group
Architect Killeffer Flammang Architects
Number of Units 66
Number of Floors 7
Year Built 2005
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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330 West 11th Street, Los Angeles, CA
Distance to Public Transit Bus stops nearby
Region Los Angeles
Municipality Los Angeles
Zoning M2-2D
Title of Land Condominium



Grand Lofts' main entrance

A fairly common phenomenon in today's real estate market is the re-purposing of older buildings into residential structures. While the development path varies significantly from the traditional approach to building residences, if done properly the resulting building can be a pleasant surprise, something that the Lee Group figured out when their first attempt at doing this proved to be a runaway success. Naturally, a second attempt at catching lightning in a bottle would follow, and that attempt is Grand Lofts.

Grand Lofts began its life in 1923 as the headquarters for George Pepperdine's Western Auto Supply, a firm that sold accessories for the Ford Model T - a lucrative business, considering that the Model T came equipped with comparatively little from the factory, lacking even basic parts like tires and a windshield. Years passed, and eventually the former auto parts building was earmarked for renovation, with Killeffer Flammang Architects being careful to keep certain characteristics of the structure as intact as possible.

The result was Grand Lofts, a seven floor building with 66 units available for sale and rent.[1] Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with many of the city's most prominent attractions in the vicinity, its very site could be considered an amenity in itself. Of course, Grand Lofts also offers generously equipped units as well, and when combined with the heritage and key location it becomes clear that the Lee Group's chosen design paradigm may very well have struck successfully once again.


The nearby LA Live complex

Grand Lofts is located on West 11th Street in the South Park area of Downtown Los Angeles, one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods. Prospective residents will be interested to know that many famous sights are located close to Grand Lofts' front doors. One example is the LA Live entertainment complex, a collection of bars, theaters, restaurants, and residences that spans over five million square feet.

Notable sights within LA Live include the Nokia Theater and the Grammy Museum. Another must-see attraction would be the nearby Staples Center, a large arena that is home to multiple sports franchises and features concerts from world famous acts, such as the Rolling Stones.[2]

Grand Lofts makes it easy on its residents when it comes to errands with so many stores and services within walking distance. There is no need to use a car. In fact, with 44 bus stops and 4 light rail stops near Grand Lofts, it might not be even necessary to own one, as the Los Angeles transit system offers excellent coverage. Avid cyclists will be glad to know that biking is a certainly a valid option, though they should note that bike lanes, while present, are not exactly ubiquitous.[3]


Originally built in 1923 and renovated in 2005, Grand Lofts has elements from two eras blending together into one cohesive whole. A typical concrete structure at its core, the most notable change to the building would undoubtedly be the addition of three floors; when it was serving as a parts showroom, it only had four floors, something George Pepperdine wanted to change but never did.

Killeffer Flammang Architects, however, did preserve some of the original architect's design choices, such as high ceilings and plenty of natural light, using them quite effectively in the residences. The building's modern lineage, however, is plain to see when one looks at the glass and steel facade, a stark reminder of the fairly extensive transformation that the structure had undergone.

Layout and Features

Surprisingly, Grand Lofts only seems to offer its units in one configuration; two bedroom residences. While this marks Grand Lofts as an excellent choice for smaller families or couples, individuals may want to look elsewhere. The units themselves range in size from 1151 square feet to 2392 square feet, so they are larger than one may expect from the 'loft' description.

The residences also come well equipped, featuring such luxuries like stone counter tops, anodized aluminum windows, hardwood and concrete floors (unit-dependent), and European styled cabinetry. Certain units also feature balconies and ceramic tiled walk-in showers.[4]

Floor Plans

Grand Lofts does not currently offer floor plans for public viewing. However, video footage of the units exists, so prospective residents and other curious parties can still get an adequate glimpse at the residences.

[5] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Some of the amenities that Grand Lofts offers includes:

  • Interior courtyard
  • In-suite laundry
  • Secured parking
  • Pre-wired for cable and internet


Grand Lofts Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Grand Lofts is pet-friendly
  • There is no age restriction on residents


Ironically, while Grand Lofts was built with little to no attention paid to sustainability, at least one of the original architect's design choices proved to be a green one.

His desire for plenty of natural light led to the building have large windows, which are excellent for energy preservation as the natural illumination means that electricity does not have to be used to power artificial lights. The renovations improved on this even more, by installing dual-glazed panes instead of the more typical glass type.

Residents can also help the environment by recycling and actively reducing excessive water and energy use in day to day living.


  • George Pepperdine's success in the automotive industry paved the way for many other projects, with perhaps the best one being the university that bears his name.[6]
  • Before it became Grand Lofts, the Western Auto Parts building housed UCLA Extensions, an educational facility designed for adults who wanted to continue their education.
  • The auto parts were not sold from the Western Auto Parts building. The firm had a specialized 10000 square foot showroom for that.
  • The Lee Group has received a number of awards for its work in the past, most notably a White House award for energy efficiency.


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