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General Definition

Examples of 'High Rise' buildings in Toronto.
Some elegant 'High Rise' structures.

In densely populated urban centers, 'High Rise' condominiums and buildings for other purposes may be the only solution due to limited availability of space. General consensus suggests that a building of more than twelve stories is referred to as a 'High Rise' building.

As with descriptions of a Low Rise or a Mid Rise building, location plays a role in the final definiton of a High Rise. Large urban cities may refer to a High Rise as beginning at sixteen or eighteen floors, whereas smaller urban cities may percevie a High Rise to begin at more than twelve floors.

Nevertheless, the values noted in this chart merely state general real estate averages.

- 1-3 stories = Low Rise

- 4-12 stories = Mid Rise

- 12-40 stories = High Rise

- 40+ stories = Skyscraper

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