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1816 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC


A shot of Huntington on 1816 Haro Street, Vancouver
Building Information
Developer Daon Developments
Management Company Baywest
Number of Units 137
Number of Floors 20
Year Built 1976
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof Tar & Gravel
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1816 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Bus stops nearby, Skytrain accessible
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning RM-5B
Title of Land Strata



The main entrance

Standing in the West End, Huntington is in many ways emblematic of the typical upscale Vancouver condominium. With a simple and effective design, coupled with a good location and an above average selection of amenities, it serves as a good benchmark for what potential residents can expect when shopping around at the price point and neighborhood it is in.

Huntington is a 20 floor building, with the 137 units contained within available only for sale.[1] It was originally constructed in 1976, and it shows in its exterior design; while there is no question that it is solidly built, there were not too many risks or bold choices taken with its appearance, as it looks very much like its contemporaries of the decade.

Owing to its location in the West End, Huntington has a wealth of activities and attractions nearby, all of which are easily accessible via Vancouver's transit system or walking. For the homeowner who wants quality without extravagance, Huntington makes an excellent choice.


A shot of the Seawall at Stanley Park

Located on Haro Street, Huntington finds itself in an excellent location, as it is within close proximity to Denman Street, itself the last major street before one reaches Stanley Park. Thus, there are a large number of things to see and do. The number one attraction, of course, would have to be Stanley Park itself, a renowned urban park that attracts an estimated eight million visitors a year.[2]

The Seawall along the park's perimeter makes for an excellent walk, and there are many shops along Denman that offer bike and skate rentals if one wishes to go that route.[3] Other nearby attractions include Coal Harbour and Burrard Inlet.

There are a number of shops and boutiques nearby, but the real appeal of the neighborhood might very well come from the excellent selection of restaurants. All kinds of cuisine has representation near Huntington, from Japanese to French to Indian. In addition, the area has quite the generous selection of coffee shops - unsurprising, considering the city's love affair with coffee. Parents will be glad to know that Huntington is also close to a number of schools as well, with the full K-12 range being catered to.

Many stores and services are within walking distance, and the ones that aren't can easily be reached via one of the many bus stops nearby. The SkyTrain is available as well, and the combination of the two transit types means getting around Vancouver is quite a simple task.[4]


Constructed in 1976, Huntington was built under the design conventions of the day, featuring a solid concrete base and glass windows breaking up the facade. The design is simple and timeless, and while Huntington may be accused of lacking creativity, the era it was built in seemed to place less importance on that aspect, seeing as how many condominiums from that era seem to share similarities in appearance. The interior shares the same quality construction as the exterior, with a number of units having been renovated over the years.

Layout and Features

The units at Huntington come in one and two bedroom examples, with the sizes being rather close to one another; for instance, there are one bedroom units that are around 650 square feet and two bedroom units that are 760 square feet. This may be fine for most people, but homeowners with families who might want a little bit more space may want to take note.

Residences come fairly well equipped, with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and designer paint being among the offered features. Note that some residences have been renovated, and their features may differ from others.

Floor Plans

Huntington unfortunately does not have floor plans available for public viewing. For people who want to have a look at what the building has to offer, however, there is video footage which shows off most of Huntington's highlights.

[5] - View video from "References Section" at the bottom of this page.


Some amenities that Huntington offers include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Steam room
  • Storage
  • Bike room
  • Shared laundry


Huntington Bylaws
Rentals No
Pets No
Age No

  • Units are sale only
  • There are no pets allowed
  • There is no age restriction on residents


Huntington was built in a decade where sustainability just was not a big priority as it is now.

Of course, residents can lessen the impact on the environment by taking independent initiative.

For instance, choosing to walk or use transit instead of using a vehicle would cut down on the amount of damage done to the atmosphere.

In addition, recycling and reducing electricity use are other great ways to live green.


  • Huntington is one of the original buildings from Daon Developments
  • Baywest is one of the leading strata management companies on British Columbia
  • Estimated height is 61.14 metres [6]


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