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IBI/HB Architects
Established 1974
Website IBI/HB Architects
Corporate Address Suite 700 – 1285 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC V6E 4B1, Canada

Founded in 1974 by nine partners, IBI Group is a leading international corporation providing professional services in research, policy, planning, and design related to urban development and transportation. The Group has 80 offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia with more than 3,000 staff.

The term "IBI" was derived from the last initials of the two senior partners – Neal Irwin and Phil Beinhaker – with the second “I” representing the international aspirations of the partners.

In 2000, IBI Group embarked on a program of strategic growth through acquisitions. In 2004, the firm went public with the formation of the IBI Income Fund. At the end of 2010, the Fund was converted to a corporation, IBI Group Inc. IBI Group practices architecture as IBI/HB Architects in British Columbia.[1]


Representative Buildings by IBI/HB Architects

IBI/HB Architects has an outstanding portfolio of completed work in architecture, planning, and transportation engineering.

Some buildings by IBI/HB Architects include:[2]

Vancouver Tower, 909 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC

Constructed in 1993, Vancouver Tower is a 27 floor building with 131 units being available for both sale and rent. The design brainchild of Hancock Bruckner Eng & Wright Architects, Vancouver Tower has a clean, modern appearance, with its brick exterior giving it an air of subdued class.

With an excellent selection of amenities, ground floor retail, and a prime location in the heart of Vancouver's busiest district, Vancouver Tower is in many ways emblematic of the West Coast lifestyle that has attracted so many to Vancouver, and stands proudly as a testament to the kind of luxury that so many have come to expect from the city.

Ventana, 175 West 2nd Street, North Vancouver, BC

Built in 2006, Ventana has become a recent addition to this rapidly changing neigbourhood. North Vancouver's City Planning Department has focused their attention on providing services and convenience to the ever increasing density of the area.

Entrepreneurial businesses have sprung up in the immediate vicinity as new customers move into the buildings in the area. Within the 12 storey structure, Ventana contains 94 Strata units featuring 82 apartments and 12 town homes located in a prime location with services and public transportation all around.

Maddox, 738 Rolston Crescent, Vancouver, BC

Maddox at 738 Rolston will be a slender and unique addition to the Vancouver sky line.

The visual presence of concrete is minimized by incorporating clay panel technology which provides a function of solar performance and rain screening.

The highlighting results with the Maddox will be a predominantly glass look.

Rolston, 1336 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

From a distance, the Rolston may appear to some as a stack of hardcover books ready to be filed at a library. The concrete protrusions with softened corners afford privacy to the balconies that they form and striking accents of red on the exterior draws attention.

The design created by IBI/HB Architects may lead one to mistakenly believe that Rolston could be the new city library.

Instead, it is one of Vancouver's latest residential additions to the downtown area.

Three Harbour Green, 277 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC

Three Harbour Green completes the trilogy of structures that comprise Harbour Green Place. Along with One Harbour Green, completed in 2006, and Two Harbour Green, finished in 2008, this trio stands tall on the northern shore of downtown Vancouver overlooking what may be arguably, one of the finest views in the world.

Views facing the Burrard Inlet, a long arm of the Pacific Ocean reaching inland, encompass the mountains of North and West Vancouver. The buildings are situated on an eight acre plot of land that features green space to the water's edge.

Three Harbour Green rises 32 floors and is comprised of 81 condominium units and 8 townhouses. It is the last of the residential structures to be built on this Coal Harbour location.

Other Buildings by IBI/HB Architects


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