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16 West 19th Street, New York City, NY


The Jade residential building in the Flatiron District of Manhattan
Building Information
Developer The Copper Group
Architect Perkins Eastman
Management Company AKAM Associates
Number of Units 58
Number of Floors 14
Year Built 1913
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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16 West 19th Street, New York City
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning C6 - 4A
Title of Land Condominium



The Jade building in the Flatiron District of Lower Manhattan caused quite a splash when it launched back in 2006, due to the blockbuster names attached to the project and its distinctive interior pod design. Designed for the design firm YOO by Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ front-man Mick Jagger, the first time interior designer put her stamp on the building in more ways than one, as the building was ultimately named after Jagger.

A nondescript mid rise commercial building for nearly a century prior to its conversion, Jade proved extremely popular as a residential building, quietly selling out its units without any major problems or obstacles along the way. Today, its pod design remains one of its distinguishing features, and its smaller scale apartments have proved popular in the neighborhood.


Located on West 19th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, Jade finds itself historically in the neighborhood of Chelsea, although recent boundary changes have relocated Jade to the Flatiron District. Named after the famed Flatiron Building, the area known as the Flatiron District only came into its own in the mid-1980s when the area began its conversion from a commercial to a residential area. Wanting a name to distinguish this newly formed neighborhood, residents and real estate brokers began using the term Flatiron District around 1985.

Prior to this conversion, the Flatiron District was known as the Toy District due to the abundance of commercial toy warehouses in the area, and today the Flatiron District has not completely shed its commercial roots, as it is home to many publishing houses and advertising agencies. In addition to the Flatiron Building, the neighborhood is also home to the Ladies’ Mile Historic District, the National Historic Site of Theodore Roosevelt’s birthplace, the Met Life Building, One Madison Park, the Gershwin Hotel, and the Museum of Sex.[1]

Residents of Jade do not require a car to complete their daily errands, as they are within walking distance of an abundance of food, shopping, transit, and home services options. Cyclists will love the flat grades and many excellent bike lanes nearby.[2]


Jade Jagger

The building that would ultimately become Jade was originally a 12 story commercial building in Chelsea that was designed by William C. Frohne. Built in 1913, the building was used as commercial space until it was bought in 2005 for $25 million by The Cooper Group, with Jeremy Beyda acting as principle. From here, the list of Jade’s contributors reads like a who’s who of New York real estate, as Costas Kondylis was brought on board as the architect of the conversion. From there, the architecture firm of Perkins Eastman oversaw the addition of two more floors to create the double tiered communal space of the building, which includes a fitness center, a roof deck, and a reflecting pool.

Additionally, the designers John Hitchcox, Philippe Starck, and Jade Jagger came together to create the design collective known as YOO, with Jagger acting as the group’s creative director, and were hired for the interior design of the building. Jagger became the concept designer for Jade, and created the building’s noted pod design. Jagger was also featured extensively in the marketing campaign for the building, using the slogan “Jade Jagger for YOO”. The conversion began in 2006 and was completed in 2007, with residents moving in by December of that year.[3]

Layout and Features

At its launch, Jade caused quite a sensation when its signature interior pod design was unveiled. The brainchild of Jade Jagger, each apartment features a high gloss pod cube that is either eight or ten feet cubed in size. These pods contain the kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, and closet of the apartment in their four sides, and are covered with brightly colored mosaic tiling and gloss lacquer finishes.

Beyond their wholly unique design, these pods caused much commentary among real estate watchers because they flew in the face of the prevailing conventions at the time that in luxury buildings, bigger is better. Triple Mint noted that while “big chef’s kitchens have become...status symbols in the marketing of New York lofts these days, the truth is that most Manhattan-ites eat out six nights a week. On the seventh night they use their kitchen to soften a pint of ice cream. Face it, the most important kitchen appliance really isn't the stove--it's the corkscrew. These pods are a kind of tacit admission that many people in New York end up living like global nomads.”[4]

Buyers into Jade were given the choice of four different design schemes for their pods: Aristo, Boho, Luxo, and Baroco. The Aristo was inspired by Jagger’s English background, and featured an accented marble tone of light duck egg blue in the kitchen, and a green and leather hue color mix for the bathrooms. The Boho features stone coloring and finishes, with a lilac color in the kitchen. The Baroco is the bolder choice with a color scheme of black, red, and white, and the entire exterior surface of the cube was covered in a reflective black lacquer. Finally, the Luxo pods contained gold kitchens and bathrooms finished in yellow and oranges.[5]

Along with the hoopla surrounding Jade’s interior pod design, when the plans for this building were announced, many real estate watchers wondered how a 12 story mid rise building would contain 57 apartments within its relatively small confines. The pods were part of the answer, as they created compact spaces for many of the amenities that come standard in modern living, but the rest of the answer came in the form of the apartment layout themselves. Within the building, nearly half of the units are studios, and at the time of opening there was 24 studios, 14 one bedrooms, 11 one bedrooms with additional office space, 4 two bedrooms, and three penthouses, of which two are duplexes.

The large percentage of studio and one bedroom units accounted for Jade’s unusually large volume of apartments, and as some commentators noted, with initial price tags for the studios hovering around $500,000, Jade offered buyers the rare chance to buy into the neighborhood for under $1 million.[6]

Floor Plans

A selection of floor plans is presented.


Residents of Jade enjoy many luxury amenities, including:

  • Concierge
  • Doorman
  • Live in superintendent
  • Double tiered outdoor terrace
  • Fitness center
  • Spa facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Lapis resident Lounge
  • Screening Room
  • Roof deck
  • Reflecting pool[7]


Jade Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No

  • This building allows rentals, sublets, and pied-a-terre.
  • There are no age restrictions in this building.
  • This building is pet friendly.


The building is managed by AKAM Associates, phone: (212) 986-0001


Built in 1913, this building was constructed long before the modern era of sustainability and green living awareness, and therefore it is a product of its time. Although not designated as a green building, residents who wish to help improve Jade’s overall sustainability can do so in several ways, including:

  • Participating in New York City’s recycling programs
  • Forgoing the use of a car in favor of taking public transit or walking in order to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Installing more energy efficient materials and appliances when updating/renovating their apartments



  • Miranda Kerr, supermodel and wife of actor Orlando Bloom, has been an owner in this building. [10]
  • Jade Jagger grew up in New York City after her parents’ divorce, and was frequently left at the Factory to be watched over by artist Andy Warhol while her mother traveled for work. [11]


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