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1650 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC


Lido - Exterior
Building Information
Developer Bosa Development
Architect NSDA and Richard Henry
Management Company Vancouver Condo
Number of Units 183
Number of Floors 19
Year Built 2014
Construction Method Steel
Type of Roof IRMA
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1650 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit More than 50 options nearby
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning FC-1
Title of Land Strata



Vancouver's "Expo 86" changed the face of the city.

The “False” part of Vancouver’s False Creek earned its name in the early 1900s, when the Canadian Pacific Railway filled in part of it to make room for bits and pieces of the Canadian Pacific Railway: Cars, tools, work-space, paint – and quite a lot of industrial waste. The creek stayed full of polluted brown-water until the mid-1970s, when the British Columbia government revealed plans for the transportation themed “Expo 86”.

Over years of effort and financial investment, workers transformed False Creek into a global stage capable of hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. But for all the time it took to prepare, Expo 86 itself only lasted from May to October of its title year: 1986. When it was gone, it left edutainment landmark Science World, and Vancouver’s SkyTrain public transit system as its legacy.

So what was the government supposed to do with all that redeveloped land? In short, they sold it. To a Hong Kong developer who had plans to turn False Creek into an upscale condo development that would reflect the same things the Expo 86 had: prosperity, possibility, and the rewards of hard work.

That same developer still owns the land. And Lido is a perfect example of all that False Creek stands for.[1]


At home in Vancouver’s upscale False Creek area, Lido is easily within walking distance of the Main Street SkyTrain station, as well as more than 50 public transit options. Along with road and rail choices, False Creek residents also have the option of a ride on the Aquabus, or False Creek Ferry Service to and from city entertainment and artisan craft hub, Granville Island.

False Creek today.

For those who like to venture a little further away from the city, the regular ferry services go as far out as Bowen Island. Cross-border trips into the US are also within reach via the nearby Pacific Central Station and its Greyhound bus service.

With all those options so close at hand, one might think that leaving False Creek is a top priority. Not true. In False Creek itself, there’s the trendy Portobello Fashion and Art Market; the Olympic Village Square that was home to the world’s athletes when Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympic Games and, of course, Science World. Built as a cornerstone of the Expo 86 showcase, Science World is as eye-opening today as it was when it drew its first crowds.[2]


With 183 luxury units on 19 floors, Lido is a slick, ultra-modern, steel framed building that goes beyond paying attention to the bells and whistles of a higher-income clientele.

Lido also has a genuinely impressive list of "green" construction aspects. It's connected to False Creek's Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU), which aims to supply over 70% of the area's space and water heating by means of heat recovery from the surrounding environment. The building is also equipped with "green roofs" to reduce the effect of heat islands, and solar shading on its south and west facades to help prevent living spaces from overheating due to sun exposure.

Also of note, suite windows, doors, and floors are all solid wood. No laminate or particleboard here. [3]

Layout and Features

Lido suites are available in one or two bedroom layouts, with additional features like balconies, dens, home offices, and en-suite storage spaces available as one moves up the price bracket.

With that in mind, the people behind Lido have certainly developed a reputation for luxury. All suites are pre-wired for high speed internet, and come equipped with vanishing mirror televisions in the washrooms. Apartment doors are solid oak, with brass fittings.

At the bottom of the building, there's a two-story entrance lobby complete with fireplace. At the top is the "signature" Lido Deck, a heated pool, lounge seating, and cabanas.[4]

The "Lido Deck"

Floor Plans

A selection from among the Lido's available floor plans:


Lido kitchen appliances by Miele.
Lido kitchen appliances by Miele.
  • Concierge service
  • Security service
  • Morning coffee
  • Pool
  • Mailroom
  • Parking
  • Two common cars for resident use
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Available en-suite laundry
  • Pre-wiring for high speed internet


Lido Bylaws
Rentals To be determined
Pets To be determined
Age To be determined
Barbecues To be determined

Since the Lido isn't scheduled to be completed until 2014, its Strata Council hasn't been formed yet. The Strata Council is the governing body that determines the building's bylaws and for now, the bylaws remain undecided for the moment. Updates will be added as the information becomes available.

It is worth noting that, although the building hasn't been finished yet, suites are currently up for pre-sale.


With Vancouver on its quest to become the World’s Greenest City by 2020, Lido residents and tenants can rest assured that the building’s designers and developers are going to great lengths in order to ensure that Lido is as green as possible.

Energy efficient windows and fixtures are just the beginning. The building also features low energy/low flow appliances, charging stations for electrical vehicles, two common cars for resident use, motion activated lighting, and eco-friendly construction materials. Building developers even instituted an air quality management plan for on-site construction workers.

For those inclined to take the car to work, it’s worth noting that a car in downtown Vancouver and surrounding area can often hinder more than it helps. City officials have limited the amount of parking downtown in an effort to encourage the use of public transit. Also, the city has an unabashed love of bicycles. In fact, the Lido is very close to the Creek’s beautiful Seaside Bicycle Route.[5]


Lido Deck?
  • The Lido takes its name from "Lido Deck". Early transatlantic steam ships were the first to offer accommodations by "class". Lido Decks were the most luxurious offered on board and they were reserved for first-class travelers. The steamers, in turn, took the name from an island off the coast of Venice known for its beauty.
  • The Lido is also the name of a well-known cabaret show in Paris, France. Established in 1946, some see that Lido as far superior to Paris’s even more famous Red Mill, more commonly known as the Moulin Rouge.
  • False Creek’s first luxury condos started going up right on the heels of Expo 86, when British Columbia sold the Expo’s land to Hong Kong business magnate, philanthropist, and high school drop-out, Li Ka-Shing. Now 86 years old, Ka-Shing still owns it.



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