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140 West 69 Street, New York City, NY

Lincoln Spencer Arms

Historic facade displaying the intricate architectural details
Building Information
Architect Mulliken & Moeller
Number of Units 237
Number of Floors 12
Year Built 1903
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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140 West 69th Street, New York City, NY
Distance to Public Transit Less than a block
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning R8B
Title of Land Cooperative



Upper West Side 1900s

Lincoln Spencer Arms, also known simply as "Lincoln Spencer" or "Spencer arms," was originally the "Spencer Arms Hotel". The hotel had three units per floor, with 10 to 11 bedrooms on each.

In 1986, it was converted into a cooperative building. The large units were subdivided into one bedrooms and studio suites. [1]

The building was constructed during the Beaux Arts era. Its facade had detailed decorative features that draw interest. Many of the buildings in this historical district were built with the same attributes, making the area one of the most beautiful in the city.

Two of the most famous buildings that neighborhood Spencer Arms Hotel during its first few years are the Dakota and Ansonia. All three of these buildings were completed between 1899 and 1904. [2]


Upper West Side brownstone buildings at the sunset

The Upper West Side is the home of Lincoln Spencer Arms. Surrounding the building is a neighborhood with many brownstone buildings rich in history. The culture consist of well-groomed dogs, well dressed people, and well-manicured parks.

Lincoln Spencer Arms is very close to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the 72nd Street subway station. Lincoln center has been opened since 1962 when the first venue, Philharmonic Hall was opened.

Central Park is only a short walk away. The park is world famous for its landscape and views of the skyline. There are many trails that are perfect for biking, walking or running. There are also amenities within the park including a zoo, a carousel, and many places to buy ice-cream.

A popular destination in the area is the American Museum of Natural History. The museum has hundreds of permanent exhibits and there are new ones that frequently pass through. Each visit to this museum will always reveal something new to see and something new to learn.

Within walking distance are conveniences such as Noi Due restaurant, Screme Gelato Bar coffee and The Food Emporium groceries. The area had extremely good transit and residents do not need to use a car for most things.[3]


Intricate exterior details

The Spencer arms hotel was converted to a cooperative in 1986. Originally, the hotel has three suites per floor, with about ten or eleven bedrooms in each suite. The conversion produced many one bedroom and studio suites.

Since the renovation, many owners have purchased adjacent suites and joined them into one. Because of this, the number of suites is hard to estimate, especially since some have been made into three bedroom units.

The exterior is highly ornamental, particularity facing towards Broadway. There is a two story stone base, with a band-course above the third floor and the tenth. A projecting cornice, bay windows, and wrought-iron balconies are a few of the additional features that keep this pre-war building's historic character and elegance. [4]

Layout and Features

Terrace Views

The suites feature ten and a half foot ceilings. Due to numerous renovations, most suites have varying features.

Some suites contain hardwood floors, renovated bathrooms, a pass-thru galley kitchens, and separate loft bedroom areas.

Other suites may be exceptionally bright and airy during the day with views of New York City's skyline at night.

Private terraces are provided in some units, as well as a generous amount of closet space.[5]

For everyone's use, there is a landscaped roof deck that presents views of the city skyline, Central Park, and the Hudson River.

Floor Plans



The building provides many services and amenities:

  • Full-Time Doorman
  • Shared Terrace
  • Part-Time Concierge
  • Basement Laundry Room
  • Freight Elevator[6]
  • Bike Storage


Lincoln Spencer Arms Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes

There is a list of restrictions and regulations for Lincoln Spencer Arms:

No rottweilers
  • washers and dryers allowed if approved
  • co-purchases allowed
  • pied-a-terre allowed
  • pets include dogs, cats, fish, caged birds, and other small animals upon board approval
  • only one dog or one cat is permitted, the dog can not be greater than 40 pounds or be a rottweiler, doberman pinscher, or pit bull
  • pet owners have to immediately clean up after their pet and have to report to building staff
  • smoking, rollerblading or consumption of food is not allowed in any public area
  • sitting on lobby radiator covers, window sills or on floors is not permitted
  • no doormats are permitted in the hallways and will be removed and discarded
  • unaccompanied minor children are not permitted in public areas at any time
  • residents must cover 80% of floors with areas rugs, carpeting or other approved noise reducing materials [7]


This building does not have any report of being sustainable. However, the fact that is it a re-purposed building, and that it was not torn down, means that it saves on our resources and labor giving the building a lower embodied energy.

In addition, residents can make it more efficient by ensuring that they are using low energy appliances and light bulbs. Keeping the heat lower also significantly saves in energy costs.

In 1906, the bison population was reported to be around 1000. A significant drop from the 30 and 60 billion that roamed Canada and the United States. Conservation efforts started in the early 1900s. In 1905, Theadore Rosevelt and William Hornaday founded the American Bison Society at Bronx Zoo in order to save the species from extinction. Bronx Zoo is located in New York City, and is still working to save the Bison today.


Renee Harris
  • The landscaping in front of the building is professionally maintained and Lincoln Spencer also supports the 69th Street block association in its efforts to maintain the trees around the building.
  • A 250-square-foot studio at 140 West 69th Street made "Curbed" list of the 10 smallest apartments on the market in Manhattan. [8]
  • One former resident of Lincoln Spencer, was Renee Harris, the first woman in New York City to become a theatrical producer. Harris was a survivor of the Titanic and her husband, who was a producer before she was, died in the tragedy.
  • Antonino Biasetton, a pro wrestler, also lived in the building.


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