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General Definition

Buildings in the foreground of this example are considered 'Low Rise'.
An elaborate example of a 'Low Rise' structure.

Dictionary definitions of a 'Low Rise' generally refer to a low building of one or a few floors that is usually not equipped with an elevator. These structures are generally built with wood but may also be constructed with concrete or concrete blocks.

These values should be regarded in the context of location. For example, a 9 story building in downtown Manhattan may be considerd a Low Rise, whereas that same 9 story structure in a small town of 3000 may be considered a skyscraper. The values suggested in the chart are merely general real estate averages.

- 1-3 stories = Low Rise

- 4-12 stories = Mid Rise

- 12-40 stories = High Rise

- 40+ stories = Skyscraper

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