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Today's Featured Building: Wakefield


The Wakefield, developed by Rockrose Associates and constructed in 1981, is a 12 story condominium mid-rise tower is the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side, near the area's landmark of Carl Schurz Park.

Street Entrance at Wakefield
Yorkville is a residential neighborhood in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a culturally diverse history and background. Well-known landmarks in Yorkville include Carl Schurz Park and the Gracie Mansion, which both overlook the East River and the channel known as Hell Gate. Gracie Mansion is located in Carl Schurz Park and was built in 1799 as the official mayoral residence.

Yorkville dates back to the 19th and 20th Century when it was inhabited by people of varying backgrounds, including Czech, Slovak, Irish, Polish, German, Hungarian and Lebanese. As a result of the diverse background of Yorkville, there are many historic churches that are still prominent today, including St. Ignatius Loyola, Our Lady of Good Counsel, and the Church of St. Joseph.

Near the coast of the East River, the Wakefield offers a convenient location with 68 residences across is 12 floors. This red-brick building offers a modern doorman service and is nearby some of the city's most well-reputed schools. The building's classic architectural design with clean lines is due to the architect firm on the project, Rothzeid, Kaiserman & Thompson.[1]


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Region Buildings Housing Units
New York City, NY 625 103,068
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Vancouver, BC 223 39,498
Chicago, IL 51 14,683

Staff Picks:

740 Park Avenue - Known as one of New York City's premiere apartments buildings, 740 Park Avenue is famous for being the childhood home of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Ansonia - A former hotel with a long and storied history of famous residents, scandals, and tumultuous times, the Ansonia is known for its distinctive architecture and lavish design detailing.

City Spire - At the time of its construction, City Spire was the world's second tallest concrete building, and today is known for its record setting three floor penthouse with panoramic views of Manhattan.

Apple Bank Building - A landmark building that once housed the Central Savings Bank, the Apple Bank Building is known for its luxury, including a fitness center that is illuminated by a chandelier.

Downtown By Starck - A conversion project by famed architect Philippe Starck, this building has been dubbed the Downtown Insanity Palace due to its numerous over the top luxury amenities.

Rutherford Place - A former maternity hospital, Rutherford Place is now a condominium residence in Gramercy Park, and a classic example of the Beaux Arts architectural style.

Jade- With interior design by Jade Jagger, this building introduced Manhattan-ites to pod style living.


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