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1001 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC


An exterior shot of Miro in Vancouver
Building Information
Developer Polygon
Architect IBI/HB Architects
Management Company Wynford Group
Number of Units 183
Number of Floors 24
Year Built 2004
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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1001 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



Miro's main entrance

Vancouver is a city that has been globally recognized for its quality of life. With gorgeous landscapes, world-class dining and shopping, and a wealth of strong industries, there is no doubt that Vancouver is a place with a lot to offer its citizens. Naturally, the same expectations are placed on the city's many pieces of real estate, particularly ones in high-income areas like the Downtown Core. Miro is just one of many such buildings, and fortunately for its residents, it is one that was built to meet and exceed said expectations.

Originally constructed in 2004, Miro is a 24 floor story building with 183 units available for both sale and rent.[1] It was designed by IBI/HB Architects, and generally follows the pattern set by previous Downtown structures; luxurious units with generous amenities, combined with a location that places it close to many of Vancouver's many attractions, from upscale retail boutiques to the cavalcade of lounges and bars that make up the city's legendary nightlife. It is a handsome, sleek building on the outside, with the interior being designed to appear trendy and hip, in order to better appeal to the kind of people who would be looking at Miro as a potential home for them and their families.


The Yaletown district

Located in the Yaletown area of Vancouver, Miro finds itself in the heart of a neighbourhood that is a shining example of what redevelopment can do for a region. Originally, Yaletown was a primarily industrial district, filled with rail yards, warehouses, and factories, some of which still stand today as heritage structures. The area was massively revamped, however, when Vancouver hosted the World's Fair in 1986. The result was a stunning transformation into one of the city's trendiest areas, with the many industrial structures being replaced with coffee shops, boutiques, and of course, luxury residences.[2]

Miro's proximity to Yaletown's many shops and services means that it is not necessary to drive a car simply to run errands. For instance, it is very possible to do one's grocery shopping by walking to the nearest Nester's, which is less than 100 metres away from Miro. Should a resident need to travel somewhere that is further away, Vancouver's excellent transit system has them covered; not only are there 51 bus stops near Miro alone, but the building is also located close to a SkyTrain station, and the light rail can easily reach places that the bus lines may not cover. Avid cyclists will undoubtedly enjoy living at Miro, as the nearby landscape is flat, even, and chock full of bike lanes.[3]


Built in 2004, Miro is a traditionally constructed building that aims for sleek and modern on the outside and hip and inviting on the inside. The base structure is made from concrete, with the perimeter being made from the same material.

The exterior finish uses concrete as well, though IBI/HB Architects did an excellent job in using varying colours to break up any monotony on the facade. The placement of the windows and balconies contributed to this as well, resulting in a building that is aesthetically pleasing despite not having taken any risks in the design phase.

Layout and Features

A snapshot of a kitchen

Miro's 183 units are split into two types; the tower's street level contains town homes, while the residences in the tower are typical suites. These are further subdivided into one and two bedroom variations, with the number of bathrooms depending on the residence in question. The units appear to be average sized for the Downtown area, with one bedroom examples measuring in at around 500-600 square feet and two bedroom examples measuring in at 775 square feet.

The residences are fairly well equipped, with a list of some standard features including luxuries like stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, maple veneer cabinets, and large windows. Other features include covered balconies and in-suite laundry.[4]

Floor Plans

A selection of floor plans are below:


Some of the amenities that Miro offers are:

  • Fitness centre
  • Lounge
  • Covered parking
  • Storage
  • Pool table


Miro Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Miro is pet-friendly
  • There is no age restriction on residents
  • Barbecues are permitted


Unfortunately, Miro was built in a decade with very little focus on sustainability measures. Thus, it falls to the residents to actively live green and reduce their carbon footprint.

Some green ideas include carefully monitoring and managing daily electricity and water use, and participating in Vancouver's recycling programs. Another way to be eco-friendly is to utilize the city's transit system in lieu of driving a car.


  • The architect from IBI/HB who designed Miro is James Hancock, a Vancouver native
  • The current company is the result of a merger between three different architectural firms[5]
  • Miro stands at a height of 82 metres/270 feet
  • Richards Street is home to the Holy Rosary Cathedral, a Gothic styled church constructed in 1899 and protected as a heritage building by the city of Vancouver[6]
  • The street has also been in the news recently for the temporary homeless shelter that was operating from the former site of the restaurant Sutra, a property owned by the government [7]
  • Miro's developers, Polygon, have built over 21000 buildings since their inception in 1980


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