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989 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC


Nova in Yaletown
Building Information
Developer Bosa Ventures
Management Company Awm Alliance
Number of Units 166
Number of Floors 29
Year Built 2004
Construction Method Concrete
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989 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



Beatty Street Drill Hall

Nova is located at 989 Beatty Street, an unassuming street and home of the Beatty Street Drill Hall, a former Canadian Armed Forces Armory.

Originally, the military gunners occupied the Imperial Opera house on the corner of Beatty and Pender. The numbers quickly increased and the small wooden building quickly became unusable. There was a resistance from the Federal Government but eventually they approved the purchase of land and the construction of Vancouver's first drill hall. [1]

Beatty Street Drill Hall is a Canadian Forces armory that was inaugurated in 1901 and opened by the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York.. The walls are three and a half feet thick and it is known as a class A heritage building. Much of the surrounding area used to be nothing but grounds used for training facilities. [2]

Today, the Drill Hall has stayed the same, but the neighborhood around it has grown and changed into a thriving community. The population is roughly 12,000 people with the majority being 20 to 39 years old. [3]



Nova is located in Yaletown, one of the most desirable places to live in the downtown Vancouver area.

It is also close to False Creek, which is a short inlet separating downtown from the rest of the city.

The area has many shops and amenities near by so daily errands don't require the use of a car. Some of these conveniences include Weifeng Bento & Tea House, Klassen Coffee, Maple Organics groceries, and Yaletown Park.

Due to the proximity to bus stops and Vancouver's excellent transit system, any destination can be reached. Using the bus and carpooling is also better for the environment. Vehicles with more than one passenger have an advantage by using the High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes on freeways.

The area is also very bike friendly. The topography is mostly flat, and has excellent bike lanes. [4]


Nova was built in 2004. It is composed of 26 levels that is supported by a concrete structure. The structure is supported by a concrete perimeter foundation. There is a full rain screen and the exterior is also finished in concrete. [5]

Concrete is a preferred building material in British Columbia because of the seismic zone. This means that the Vancouver area is very vulnerable to earthquakes. Concrete is a good building material because it is strong in compression and also is reinforced with steel which makes it good in tension.

The building has an appealing shape due to its protrusions and unsymmetrical finishes. There is a concrete clad portion reaching two thirds up the building with equally spaced windows at each floor. Perpendicular, there is a similar cut out that reaches almost to the top of the building. The remaining top section of the building is clad with window walls.

At the foot of the building, there are seven townhouses. The townhouses have roof decks. The parkade entrance also had green space on the roof.

Layout and Features

The kitchens feature solid granite composite counter tops, stainless steel sinks, a chrome telescopic faucet, stainless steel appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, and a gas range, in sink waste disposal, a tempered glass back splash and halogen track lighting.

Bathrooms also feature granite composite counter tops, soaker tubs, over sized floor tiles, Italian faucets, a full width mirror, and a vanity with roll out storage.

The living room features contemporary shag carpeting, mono-point entry lighting, imported entry tiles, full height windows, sliding glass doors to the balcony, and solid wood baseboard and door trim. [6]

Floor Plans

Layouts for this building can be viewed through a few virtual tours of some of the suites from the References Section of this page.

[7] The first slideshow of the building and suites.

[8] Another slide show.

[9] A video walk-through tour of one of the suites.


Amenities at Nova consist of:

  • Recreation Center
  • Hot tub
  • Club House
  • In suite Laundry

The clubhouse features a lounge that contains lounge tables, a wet bar, surround sound television, and a guest suite.


Nova Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes

  • Pets are permitted
  • Rentals are permitted


Due to the thermal mass characteristics of concrete, the building loses less heat compared to other materials such as steel.

Imagine being on the beach on a hot day and feeling the hot sand. The sand absorbing the heat from the sun has the same principal as the concrete absorbing the heat from the building. As air temperatures cool, the heat energy from the concrete is released keeping the interior temperature of the building more constant.

With constant temperature, the building does not need to be heated as often or as much. As a result, energy and money is saved.

Other sustainable features in the building include:

  • An energy efficient fireplace
  • Thermostat controlled baseboard heating


Drill Hall in its present-day environment
  • Beatty Street Drill Hall is said to be haunted. There have been reports of phantom voices, disembodied footsteps, and other strange noises. [10]
  • The infamous Vancouver Stanley Cup riot of 2011 brought some controversial attention to the Drill Hall. In the hall, a Vancouver Canucks flag was hung from the rafters and more than 300 soldiers and guests watched the game and drank from inside the Drill Hall.

As the riots approached the building, a reporter knocked on the door and spotted some uniformed men drinking from beer cups. She tweeted: "Canadian Army having a party in Beatty Armory as city riots! In 94, that's where VPD and RCMP mustered."

"Amazing! Beer drinking soldiers shut door in my face at armory. They're drinking beer inside."

The Canadian Forces had to quickly come up with an explanation. The Lt. Colonel sent an email to the affairs officer and explained very clearly exactly how many people were there, who the event was for, and that all ID's had been checked.

The reporter had questioned why the army was not helping to stop the riots. In the memo, Lt. Colonel Paul Ursich wrote: "Units are not authorized to provide ALEA (Assistance to Law Enforcement) without direction. The only {exceptions} are for life and limb situations and this is not the case in Vancouver tonight."[11]


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