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1415 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC

Palais Georgia

Palais Georgia - Exterior
Building Information
Developer Eccom Developments Ltd.
Architect Oberto Oberti Architecture and Urban Design
Management Company Pacific Quorum
Number of Units 86
Number of Floors 26
Year Built 1992
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof Concrete
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1415 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Strata



Palais Georgia's steel and stone entrance marker.

Palais Georgia makes its home in an area of Vancouver that real estate agents refer to as The Golden Triangle. Since the mid-eighties, some of the city’s most sought after developments have gone up there, between the commercial and financial hustle of downtown, and the vast green expanse of Stanley Park.

Which is an interesting, since everyone who isn't in real estate knows Palais Georgia’s neighborhood as Coal Harbour; and Coal Harbour’s beginnings are decidedly less golden.

When Captain George Vancouver explored the BC coast in the early 1790s, he discovered some interesting things. In the area that’s now of Stanley Park, there were the remains of a First Nations settlement (these were the Squamish Peoples, but he didn't know that); and in what’s now Coal Harbour. Captain Vancouver somewhat predictably spotted a seam of coal.

The seam ran some distance along Burrard Inlet, and was slated for mining. However, it was abandoned soon after when the coal was found to be of very low quality. A blessing for the future of Coal Harbour, since an open mine would certainly not have resulted in the Golden Triangle of real estate in the area today.[1]


The Seawall around Stanley Park. As Canada's largest public park, Stanley covers an acreage roughly the same size as all of downtown Vancouver.

Just off the corner of West Georgia and Broughton Streets, Palais Georgia is among the earlier condominium developments in Vancouver’s Golden Triangle of real estate. This is prime land between the heart of life in the downtown core and the vast natural green-space of Stanley Park. In simplest terms, Coal Harbour is home to men and women who work in one and play in the other.

Combine Palais Georgia’s prime location with the roughly 50 public transit options in easy distance of its front door. Prospective residents will find themselves with the whole of Vancouver virtually at their fingertips. Shopping on Robson Street, culture at the Vancouver Art Gallery, sport in Stanley Park, and the city’s social hub on Granville Street – all within minutes of home, and without the need to drive.[2]


Palais Georgia is a 26 story 86 unit glass and concrete tower, built in the tradition of modern architecture.

If 86 units seems like a somewhat small number to span 26 floors, that’s because the building itself is laid out so that each unit has its own wraparound corner view at four units per floor (three where the building pulls in above the 18th).

Given the building’s privileged location and stunning views of the harbour, Stanley Park and the lights of downtown Vancouver, floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies feature prominently in its design. Some feel that the building lacks a little in the absence of a common rooftop garden. A valid point, but prospective residents should keep Stanley Park's 1001 acres of walking distance green-space in mind.

Layout and Features

Palais Georgia's impressive front doors.

Palais Georgia’s elegant hotel style entrance opens on an equally elegant main lobby, with a focus on natural light. The same can be said of its impressive pool area: high ceilings and a surprisingly open plan that has the pool, the whirlpool and the lounge area sharing the same space.

With respect to the suites themselves, they’re available in one or two bedroom layouts, with master or master and guest bathroom facilities. Floors are a balance of laminate and tile. Kitchens feature polished stone worktops.

One small note on the suites: the views are stunning and the units themselves are quite spacious, but Palais Georgia seems to have been built with a more compartmentalized approach to the layout of individual apartments. This, as opposed to more open concept living. Whether one is preferable over the other is up to individual discretion.[3]

Floor Plans

A sample two bedroom floor plan.
A full floor layout.

Unfortunately, free floor plans for Palais Georgia are difficult to come by. Here is a two bedroom sample plan. Note the full floor sample, too. As noted, each suite has its own corner view, with a centrally located bank of elevators.

Finally, in the reference section at the end of this article, readers will find a link to a brief video showcasing the inside of a Palais suite and some of the building's common areas.[4]


Amenities at Palais Georgia include:

  • 24-hour Concierge
  • Exercise room
  • Pool/Whirlpool
  • Lounge
  • In-suite laundry
  • Resident and visitor parking
  • Storage


Palais Georgia Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets No
Age No

  • Palais Georgia does not allow pets.
  • Suites are available for both rental and purchase.
  • There are no age restrictions on residency.


Palais Georgia opened for sale in 1992, some time before Vancouver began making serious efforts to "go green".

Understandably, the building isn't exactly a paragon of eco-friendliness. There are no charging stations for electric cars, or cells to power the building off an environmental energy grid.

However, recently renovated suites do feature low-flow appliances, and low-energy fixtures. The inspiringly large windows at Palais are also sealed for better insulation. When and if residents choose to do any further remodeling, they are encouraged to use environmentally friendly building materials.

Outside their individual apartments, residents may also choose public transit over private. Keep in mind that Palais Georgia is within easy distance of roughly 50 public transit options.

Palais' efforts to keep up with the carbon-footprint-conscious times are small, but they are steady. Put them alongside the fact that Vancouver is currently questing for the title of "World's Greenest City by 2020" and prospective residents can count Palais Georgia among the buildings that do what they can to keep the city a little greener.[5]


Lord Stanley of Preston, the man behind the park.
  • Stanley Park opened in 1888. It's named after Lord Frederick Stanley, the 16th Earl of Derby and the 6th Canadian Governor General. The same Lord Stanley who left hockey fans everywhere the Stanley Cup.
  • Along with the bikers, and bladers, and joggers, and sun-bathers, Stanley Park boasts a huge squirrel population. The first eight squirrels were a gift from the City of New York in 1908. Some say the reasoning behind the gift is the same as the reasoning behind the pigeons in London (or the ones in Vancouver, for that matter): if the city were ever to be under siege, or otherwise cut off, residents would be able to eat them.
  • One wonders how long the supply of squirrels would last. Stanley Park's 1001 acres hosts nearly 8 million visitors per year.[6]


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