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23 West 73rd Street, New York City, NY,

Park Royal
Building Information
Developer Lapidus Engineering Corporation
Architect George F. Pelham
Management Company Broadway Associates
Number of Units 242
Number of Floors 15
Year Built 1926
Construction Method Steel
Type of Roof Tar and Gravel
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23 West 73rd Street, New York City, NY, United States ‎
Distance to Public Transit Two blocks
Region New York City
Municipality New York City
Zoning R8B
Title of Land Cooperative



Park Royal is less than a block from Central Park

Park Royal heralds from the 1920s, a decade marked in prestige for New York City. Known as the roaring 20s, many of New York City's most famous buildings began to take shape during this prosperous decade. Park Royal's vision from the beginning was to provide a home for those not wanting to deal with the tribulation of owning and maintaining a private residence.

Park Royal would then offer all the conveniences of a hotel while providing the individuality for each resident to create a unique home. While this concept has been widely accepted today, at the time this was considered a new approach to residential living. Needless to say, condominium and apartment living has since become the primary means to live in New York City.

Park Royal was converted into a cooperative in 1985. It still maintains the same ethos that it had in 1926 when it first opened. Park Royal retains its oppulance from the 20s while still providing residents with ultra-modern units with all of the conveniences taken for granted in the 21st century. All the while providing its residents with one of the most coveted addresses in all of New York City. [1]


When your building shares the same block as the famed Dakota building, this should be a good indication that you're probably living in a desirable part of town. Park Royal is just half a block from Central Park and is in a community that is highly envied within the City of New York.

While not landmarked itself, Park Royal is located on a designated historic street. Its location on 73rd Street places it just steps away from Central Park, in particular its entrance to Strawberry Fields. This is one of Central Park's most beautiful entrances and of course the title to one of The Beatles many famous songs. Also nearby is the Dakota Building, former home to John Lennon and the site of his untimely death.

Though often overshadowed by its more famous brethren, Riverside Park is located just a few blocks west from Park Royal and is a local favorite for its Hudson River views and its long pathways. Park Royal is just two blocks from New York City's extensive subway system, allowing residents convenient access to the entire City of New York and beyond. [2]



Park Royal was constructed in 1926 and composes 242 units over 15 floors. When constructed, it was meant to set the benchmark in opulent living. Another interesting detail incorporated into Park Royal is that no two units are the same. Part of the original design was to have apartments that were as unique as houses, giving each unit the feel of a home as opposed to a hotel room.

This steel framed structure has a beautiful red brick facade incorporated into it. Its most defining feature comes from street level. The Park Royal's first two stories are finished with limestone and feature arched windows on the second floor. Like many buildings of its era, the Park Royal was constructed without an underground parking garage. [3]

Upon first glance one will notice that the building gets progressively slimmer as it reaches its top floors. This is to incorporate private patios that some units are fortunate to have. Gracing the exterior are decorative pieces of terracotta that match the buildings limestone base. Also noticeable are the individual air conditioners protruding from each window. Park Royal was built without central air conditioning. These exterior units are crucial to surviving New York City's notoriously hot summers.

Layout and Features

Park Royal has suites ranging from Studios to four bedrooms. Units feature beamed ceilings, hardwood floors. Large bay windows provide ample sunlight and some units feature outdoor terraces.[4]

Floor Plans

Units at Park Royal come in a number of configurations, the floor plans to five are shown below.


As if living at Park Royal isn't beneficial enough, the building has a number of amenities that improve upon an already exceptional living experience.


Park Royal Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Park Royal welcomes Pets
  • Rentals are allowed
  • There are no age restrictions on the sales or rentals of units
  • Barbecues are allowed on the outdoor terraces


Park Royal was constructed before sustainable measures were introduced as common building practice. Park Royal's address alone allows a certain degree of sustainability since it enables residents to walk or take transit to most locations in town.

All the amenities needed for daily living are within walking distance from Park Royal.

New York City has an extensive recycling program in place at most condominium buildings. Residents are encouraged to take advantage. [5]


A memorial in Central Park commemorates the life of John Lennon

Park Royal is located near Strawberry Fields, an entrance to Central Park created as a memorial to John Lennon, designed by Bruce Kelly, it was unveiled on October 9, 1985. Over a hundred countries contributed to the memorial with native plant species and stones. [6]

While Park Royal is a highly sought after address, it has not been free from its own problems. Just five years ago a litigious group of board members nearly drove Park Royal into bankruptcy. Eventually these board members where forced out and the building has prospered ever since.

To preserve Park Royal's views of the Central Park, developers purchased the brownstone residences on either side of the building. These buildings still exist as privately owned residences and the views of Central Park remain!


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