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1088 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver, BC

Quayside Marina

Quayside Marina in downtown Vancouver
Building Information
Developer Concord Pacific
Architect Busby & Associates
Management Company Rancho Property Management Services
Number of Units 110
Year Built 2002
Construction Method Concrete
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1088 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than two blocks
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning CD-1 (297)
Title of Land Strata



Quayside Marina is a slight departure from normal Condopedia reviews as it is defined as, "a unique opportunity to own a home for your boat just steps from your residence."

The marina nestled along the shore of the Vancouver skyline
So, it's a home for your boat, then, the perfect definition of a marina, but this one with a twist. It is treated the same as a Freehold Strata in that the slips are owned rather than rented or leased, even though rentals and water-leases are also available. Quayside Marina is the first fully titled strata ownership marina on the West Coast of North America. This concept can be found on the east coast and in Europe.

As a coastal city, many Vancouver lifestyles revolve around activities on the water. Sailing and boating in general are huge favourites. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skis are also on the list. The waters around Vancouver are well used and crowded. Ownership at a marina assures a boat owner a berth to tie up the 'pride-and-joy'.

Quayside Marina can accommodate boats up to 120 feet long. It can meet several power requirements with 30, 50 and 100 amp power available. There is even a 'visitor's' dock when other boating friends come over.

After a hard day on the sea, the administration office on the dock has showers and laundry facilities. Full ownership of the berth gives owners piece of mind that they'll always have place of shelter from the weather.[1]


Well, it's a marina, so the obvious answer is that it's on the water. But once you're on land a short walk brings you to to Yaletown. Hockey games at Rogers Arena can be taken in with about a ten minute walk down Pacific Boulevard. Other events take place at BC Place, Vancouver's covered stadium, such as trade conventions, concerts, Canadian Football League (CFL) games, and special events.

Across from BC Place, is the Edgewater Casino beside the Plaza of Nations. Using the the foot passenger ferry, residents may shuttle across to Granville Island for some more entertainment or some shopping at the numerous markets. The Aquabus Ferry also plies False Creek in the other direction taking one to Science World, the huge geodesic dome with interactive displays and films to peruse.

Coffees, restaurants, and groceries are all convenient by foot, even though owners of a slip at Quayside Marina might have a car in the underground lot. Interestingly, there are a few elementary and other public schools nearby, although it's unlikely many of the boaters' children would attend full time. However, this is, of course, a "home for your boat" suggesting that owners at Quayside Marina may also have an established 'people residence' in one of the nearby condominium towers, like Aquarius, Quaywest, Parkview Tower, or Governor's Tower.

A still day on False Creek

The entertainment area of Granville Street is also not far and the Walk Score website grants this location a near perfect score of 93 for walkability. No word on any swimming ratings ... although it's generally not recommended to swim in a marina, both for health and errant propeller reasons.[2]


The principles of dock construction hasn't changed too much in centuries and building materials haven't varied too much either. Wood and concrete have been the traditional choices.

An aerial view of Quayside Marina
When wood is used in the construction of a dock or pier, a chemical mix of creosotes and wood preservatives is used to soak the support posts that are submerged. The wooden decking is susceptible to weather and may deteriorate over time. Deck planks and support posts can be replaced during maintenance processes, but fresh support posts means a fresh chemical cocktail to the sea creatures that live in the marina's vicinity.

Concrete, on the other hand, is weather resistant and can be formed to create all shapes and sizes. The difficulty with using concrete as a building material for a structure on water is that it does not float, unless it has been specifically shaped into that of sailboat hull. There have been many concrete-hulled boats created as this is a sturdy material and relatively inexpensive to build.

Buoyancy must be included in the fabrication of concrete deck surfaces. Typically, flotation systems are usually air-filled sealed containers attached to the underside of whatever it is that needs to float. The air-filled containers may be constructed with aluminum, or blow molded high density polyethylene floats with no seams. In many instances, floats may be filled with water resistant polystyrene to ensure flotation should the outer skin ever be breached.

The floating decks are secured to the pilings so as not to float away and have a ring or a loose chain securing it to accommodate the rise and fall of the tides.

The pilings of Quayside Marina are also concrete, which, as a building material of docks and piers, goes back to Roman times. The development of concrete by the Romans, that would set under water, revolutionized shipping and commerce, as now ships could come closer to land to load and off-load. This single innovation certainly cemented the Romans' superiority both economically and militarily.[3]

Layout and Features

This marina has many similar features to actual residential condominiums. With enough space to accommodate larger boats and ample power supplies, this marina caters well to the boat residents.

The dockmaster is full time time and is always on site. Berth owners have security fobs for access and there is a video surveillance system for additional security. If boaters feel like lounging around on the boat while it's tied up. cable TV and telephone service is available.

For a longer 'turn-around' period, each slip is equipped with sewage pumps. Garbage disposal and recycling is also provided.

The docks are durable concrete and a quick stroll to the gate will bring residents to nearby shopping, or the underground parking for their cars.[4]

Floor Plans

At any marina, not much can be said of the floor plans. Of course, each boat that ties up here will have its own unique configuration.

Instead, various views of the layouts of the slips of the marina from different angles is presented here:[5]


The marina office with the dockmaster, laundry and showers
  • Full time dock-master plus security
  • Individual dock boxes
  • Individual berth services including electrical, water, telephone, cable and fiber optic internet access
  • Concrete float construction with remote entry security gates
  • A marina office with washrooms, laundry and shower facilities
  • Sewage pump out services plus garbage and recycling pickup
  • A 500' floating public pier with ferry stop
  • Easy access underground marina parking
  • Visitor moorage for out of town guests[6]


Quayside Marina Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Age No

  • Rentals, both short and long term, are available
  • All visiting boats must check in with the Dockmaster


The sustainability of any marina relies on the contribution of all boaters using it.

If careless, or inconsiderate operators dispose of trash, or pump out the bilge within the confines of the marina, then yes, the immediate waters will become polluted. Over time, however, boaters have become increasingly aware of environmental issues and this type of infraction seldom occurs.

The ebb and flow of the tides help to refresh the marina environment as long as channels and access to a marina remains free and does not obstruct the flow of water.

Sewage and gray-water from the laundry and showers is captured and submitted to the city's water treatment facilities.


Throughout history, marinas in coastal cities are important centres for work and play. As such, designers are creating new concepts for marina living to reflect both economical and pleasure applications.

With the rise in sea levels around the world, some of these concepts may not be that far-fetched. Here are a few "over-the-top" ideas some designers have come up with:


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