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928 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC

Savoy (928 Richards Street)

The Savoy, another addition to the Yaletown skyline
Building Information
Developer De Cotiis Group
Management Company FirstService Residential
Number of Units 214
Number of Floors 30
Year Built 1999
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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928 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than one block
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning DD
Title of Land Freehold Strata



The Savoy displaying its neutral earth-tone colours
Savoy. The name alone evokes class and luxury. The Savoy at 928 Richards street has work to maintain their four star status since it opened for occupancy in 1999.

Albert Norton Richards represented the Leeds South federal electoral district in the Canadian House of Commons as a Liberal from 1872 to 1874. Then he became the second Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia serving from 1876 to 1881. Richards Street in Vancouver is named after him.

Richards Street in downtown Vancouver has long been known as night time hot spot offering shows and a variety of entertainment options, including well placed eating and dining spots for both pre and post shows. It was built almost equidistant from several exciting neigbourhoods in Vancouver such as the West End, Chinatown, Yaletown, and Gastown, in case Savoy's immediate neighbourhood doesn't fit the bill.

Despite cash flow issues that faced the De Cotiis brothers during construction, causing some contractors go to "lien" litigation, the Savoy was completed two years behind schedule, and is well poised to take advantage of the services and amenities of a vibrant community.[1]


When thoughts turn to the idea of living downtown, some immediate impressions come to mind. Perhaps those thoughts involve a vision of walking shoulder to shoulder with thousands of others who live and work in the area. Or perhaps the thought of a crush of traffic grid-lock with horns sounding.

The Savoy on tree-lined Richards Street

Not for residents of the Savoy. Richards Street is a tree-lined one-way street that sees a 'civilized' amount of use. It's a neighbourhood where walking is the most practical way to get around - everything is so close.

For instance, for those evenings where cooking in is not on the plan, choose from about 40 places within circle of .3 of kilometer. For the those who have trouble converting distance, that's about a thousand feet from the door. Urban professionals who choose to live in the downtown area of any major city generally have a fondness for 'designer' coffees and teas. Within that same circle are dozens of coffee bars and tea shops to try out.

Downtown centres are usually chock full of various learning institutions. Vancouver's downtown is no different. The arts are heavily represented in the schools list. Some of the dance schools teach Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, and even just general movement and timing. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has a school for music and so many language schools. Canada accepts numerous "New Canadians" annually, so English Language Schools provide service for a large market.

Still within our .3 kilometer circle, are many grocery options. Organic, ethnic, and regular meats and vegetables are easily obtainable for those barbecue evenings on the balcony. A few blocks away will bring residents to False Creek and the famous Seawall for strolls along the ocean and access to even more activities around the waterfront.[2]


Nearing completion

Once the concrete perimeter was set, the Savoy began to rise to its 30 floor height. It grew around a concrete core prevalent in most modern construction. Each floor contains about seven suites and a long list of resident amenities was included to bolster its self-imposed four star classification.

The Vancouverism style of architecture, made famous predominately by James Cheng, often displays some nice symmetry. In the case of the Savoy, vertical stripes of beige brick, two broad and two narrow, accent the faces of each facade. Equal sized balconies exist on each corner of the building extending the height of the building. The penthouse, of course, have extra balcony space in the centres of the facade.

Glass curtains form between the vertical stripes and has a 'sea-green' tint to it, a West Coast Contemporary characteristic. One might describe it as "quietly elegant". The entire structure is rain-screened and topped with an older style tar and gravel roof.

The building itself is square and rises straight up without any setbacks until the penthouse level. Although the physical lines of the building are straight and uneventful, the overall sense of the building is still interesting due largely to the colours of the brick and glass and with the balconies stacked up at each corner. The brick motif extends beyond the roof line to form a boxy structure on the roof, presumably to house the building mechanical equipment.

Layout and Features

An example of one of the kitchens in the Savoy
Savoy's roof deck

Some of the highlights built in to the Savoy for enjoyment of the residents include:[3]

  • Landscaped private patios and gardens
  • Two lobbies with dramatic vaulted ceilings
  • Crown mouldings and windows that open
  • Port cochere drive up deluxee entry
  • Granite slab fireplace hearth andgranite accent
  • Open air balcony or deck and glass enclosed solariums or dens
  • Designer blinds and mirrored doors in bedrooms
  • Wood mantles

Floor Plans

The whole floor layout of suites in the Savoy
214 units within 30 floors
Layout of the amenities floor


An impressive array of amenities exist for the Savoy. Here are the highlights:

  • Security systems in place which include a sensor touch alarm for each suite, high security entry locks, and a patrolled parkade.
  • High speed coxial cable, internet & telephone services
  • Resident Manager
  • Two storage lockers per suite
  • Gas range, stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, built in microwave, garburator, fullsize washer and dryer
  • Double full size stainless steel kitchen sink with European sprayer
  • Hardwood kitchen floor and foyer
  • Deep soaker bathtub
  • Granite Kitchens


Savoy (928 Richards Street) Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are permitted. There is also a Guest Suite available to residents in good standing.
  • Pet are allowed, but not in the Guest Suite.
  • There are no age restrictions for ownership.
  • Barbecues may be either gas or electric. Barbecue hours are from 11 AM to 11 PM.



Modern building materials and technologies have no doubt contributed to the overall "green" aspect of the Savoy. However, no measurable data exists on whether any specific sustainable building guidelines were followed.

Certainly, some of the finishes used have environmental considerations built in such as low-flow fixtures and energy efficient appliances. Floor to ceiling windows suggest that less electricity might be necessary as more daylight can penetrate before illumination is required in the evenings.

Savoy has storage space for bikes to encourage travel without the use of a car. This small measure greatly reduces the carbon footprint of a household.

Vancouver also has a comprehensive recycling program which has recently included the separation of household food scraps, which can be composted for future soil use in the region, rather than degrading in a land fill.[4]


Cirque Du Soleil big top
  • Apart from major sporting events like hockey, the neighbourhod also regularly presents shows of a different nature, namely, the almost annual appearance of "Cirque Du Soleil". Each time they visit Vancouver, the 'Cirque' sets up its own big top in an open plaza near the Creekside Park, a few blocks from the Savoy area. "Cirque Du Soleil" is a world famous organization of extraordinary circus performances with regular venues in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. The mulit-million dollar concept began from a street performer in Montreal, Canada.

  • On November 29, 2001, it was reported in "Stock House", an on-line watch dog for stocks and venture capital news, that 'Venture Pacific Development', an arm of the the De Cotiises Group, faced serious allegations of mishandling funds for the Savoy high end condominium development.
    • Noramco Capital Corporation won an asset freeze in BC Supreme Court, as the building at this time was two years behind schedule and numerous liens were placed by contractors trying to recoup the total of $876,000 owed. At the time of the ruling, many units still remained unsold.
    • The lawsuit further alleges that the De Cotiises brothers were fond of giving the impression of great wealth by living a lavish lifestyle, including facy restaurants and $150,000 Ferrari motorcars.
    • "The records produced by the defendants in the action indicated that they had created liabilities recorded in the general ledger of the Savoy project that indicated non-arms length transactions including management fees and mortgage guarantee fees totalling several million dollars. They also had recorded numerous personal expenditures for personal living and entertainment as charges against the Savoy project," states Noramco lawyer Howard Shapray in an affidavit.[5]


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