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SLCE Architects
Established 1941
Website SLCE Architects
Corporate Address 841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.

Founded in 1941, Schuman, Lichtenstein, Claman, and Efron, (SLCE Architects) is a leading Architectural firm in New York City. SLCE has grown to become one of the most prolific firms in the New York City metropolitan area and enjoys a growing presence nationally in recent decades. SLCE specializes in high use residential and unified use developments of increasing pragmatic complexity. It provides a full range of architectural design and technical services with special expertise in large scale residential, hospitality, mixed-use, and commercial developments[1].


Representative Buildings by SLCE Architects

SLCE has a proud record of creating architecture in the world's most complex urban environments. Some famous buildings designed by SLCE include[2]:

Laureate, 2150 Broadway, New York City, NY

The Laureate at 2150 Broadway, centrally located in the Upper West Side, is yet another installment of the growing list of luxury New York condominiums. This distinctive building on the southeast corner of 76th Street is immediately distinguished by its rounded corner and elaborate balconies. The French limestone clad building, designed by SLCE Architects, takes its essence from pre-war classic features.

Solaria, 640 West 237th Street, New York City, NY

Solaria is located in the Riverdale area of The Bronx. It features open layouts enhanced by full window walls that bathe the airy rooms in sunlight. A variety of one to three bedroom floor plans and layouts can cater to any taste with units having, for example, eat-in kitchens, separate dining rooms or open kitchens and dining areas. Every kitchen has a window with a view.

100 United Nations Plaza, New York City, NY

100 United Nations Plaza is noted for being a harbinger of the glamour that now infuses the Turtle Bay neighborhood. With its dramatic design of ribbed setback terraces and steep pointed roof, the building has become an iconic landmark of the area, albeit unofficially. It was one of the most prominent buildings in the area until the construction of Trump World Tower one block away several years later.

111 Central Park North, New York City, NY

111 Central Park North is built in East Harlem on the northeast corner of West 110 Street and Lenox Avenue. Designed by Hillier Architecture and SCLE Architects, this 19 story condominium faces Central Park across the street and was developed by the Athena Group. It is a blue glass clad building where many of the apartments have balconies, but not all.

The tower is setback on the second floor giving space for a terrace garden and seating area for residents. It is perhaps one of the most expensive condominiums in Harlem to buy into. There are 48 apartments ranging from 2 bedroom units to much larger 9 room suites.

Element, 555 West 59th Street, New York City, NY

While the Element’s striking appearance would seem like its most distinctive feature, the building has several elements that have put the Element on the map as one of the most sought over buildings in the booming and relatively newly developed neighborhood of the western portion of the lower Upper West Side.

The Element’s exterior is notable for its reflective glass facade and curved balconies, but even more noteworthy is the nearly 12,000 square feet of landscaped outdoor space that surrounds the building.

Even the location is noteworthy, because being situated within walking distance of both Riverside Park and Central Park, the Element offers residents the opportunity to live an active outdoor lifestyle within one of the world’s largest cities.

Other Buildings by SLCE Architects


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