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550 Taylor Street, Vancouver, BC


The exterior of Taylor in Vancouver
Building Information
Developer Pinnacle International Group
Architect Hancock Bruckner Eng + Wright
Management Company Wynford Group
Number of Units 232
Number of Floors 26
Year Built 2006
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof IRMA
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550 Taylor Street, Vancouver, BC
Distance to Public Transit SkyTrain/Bus accessible
Region Vancouver
Municipality Vancouver
Zoning CD-1 (379)
Title of Land Strata



The neighbourhood affectionately known to some as the International Village (named after the shopping mall that was built there in 1998) has its fair share of things to see and do.
Taylor's main entrance
While not as busy as say, the Downtown Core proper, it nevertheless possesses a mixture of old world charm and modern conveniences that stems from its origins. It is this unique environment that Taylor calls home, and there is no doubt that the building suits its surroundings perfectly.

Constructed in 2006, Taylor is a 26 floor structure that offers 232 units for both sale and rent.[1] It was developed by the Pinnacle International Group, a firm that specializes in developing buildings exactly like Taylor, and was designed by Hancock Bruckner Eng + Wright Architects.

While Taylor, like many buildings of its ilk, does have a number of amenities to offers its residents, it must be noted that the selection is somewhat smaller when compared with some of its contemporaries. This is made up for, however, by its location; the International Village has a number of sights to see, with the most prominent being the namesake mall. There is also the nearby Chinatown to consider, along with the many businesses along Hastings Street and Main Street.


Located on 550 Taylor Street, Taylor finds itself close to Gastown and Chinatown, two neighbourhoods with tremendous cultural value. Gastown was Vancouver's first Downtown Core, and as the years passed by still managed to remain relevant, as it shifted from the city's business centre to a hip area filled with boutiques, bars, lounges, and other popular nightspots.[2]

International Village at night

Vancouver's Chinatown is just as famous, being the largest Chinatown in Canada and probably the most historic, with many buildings from the early 1900s still present today as heritage structures.[3] There are also many sights to see nearby, with the most obvious being the International Village shopping mall, a complex with remarkable architecture and a first rate movie theatre.

Longtime residents of Vancouver know that car ownership is a luxury instead of a necessity given the city's excellent transit system. Taylor is an excellent example of this phenomenon in action, as there are 49 bus stop options located nearby along with four SkyTrain stations, with the nearest one being just a few blocks down.

Thus, residents of Taylor have easy access to most of Vancouver, even without a car. Of course, they might not need one most of the time; with multiple shops and services located within easy walking distance, small errands like banking or grocery shopping are almost trivial to run.[4]


An example of a kitchen

Taylor was designed by Hancock Bruckner Eng + Wright Architects, and they seemed to do an excellent job making the structure stand out in spite of the fact it generally followed contemporary design conventions. It is a traditionally constructed condominium made primarily from concrete, and like many condominiums is equipped with a rain screen for inclement weather.

The building is comprised of a base portion and a tower portion, with the tower extending into the sky from one end as opposed to a symmetrical method where it would have been placed in the centre. That alone is a nice aesthetic touch, and it is only enhanced by the contrast between the base and the tower, as the base utilizes a brick finish while the tower is finished in a lighter colour, with the sparing use of metal accents to complement the many reflective windows.

Layout and Features

The 232 units offered by Taylor come in three primary configurations; studio apartments, one bedroom units, and two bedroom units. The studios range from 440-541 square feet, the one bedroom units are around 560 square feet and the two bedroom units range from 792-1097 square feet.

The residences at Taylor are fairly well equipped, with features like stainless steel appliances, floor to ceiling windows, granite counter tops, and European style cabinetry. Some units also feature decks and balconies.[5]

Floor Plans

A number of Taylor's floor plans can be found on this site:[6]


Taylor's amenities include:

  • In-suite laundry
  • Fitness centre
  • Secured parking
  • Storage


Taylor Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets Yes
Age No
Barbecues Yes

  • Rentals are allowed
  • Taylor welcomes pets
  • No age restriction is in place
  • Barbecues are permitted


Though Taylor was constructed in 2006, it surprisingly does not have any green measures installed, nor did it use any sustainable materials in its construction. This may come off as odd to some, given that many buildings commissioned in the same period were equipped with energy efficiency measures like dual glazed windows, or were built with renewable resources.

Residents can offset this to some extent, however, by trying to reduce their impact on the environment by themselves. For instance, they may decide to take advantage of Vancouver's transit system more often, or they might start recycling if they do not do so already. These measures, while small, do add up in the long run, and the environment will undoubtedly be better for it.


  • Gastown is named for Jack 'Gassy' Deighton, who opened Vancouver's first saloon in 1867
  • It was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2009
  • One of Chinatown's most famous sights is the China Gate on Pender Street, which China donated to Vancouver after the 1986 World's Fair
  • Like Gastown, it is a National Historic Site of Canada and was declared so in 2011
  • Another name for the International Village mall is Tinseltown, due to the movie theatres formerly operated by Cinemark Tinseltown
  • Taylor is one of the few buildings that solely owes its name to the street it was built on


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