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121 10th Street, New Westminister, BC

Vista Royale

Vista Royale in New Westminister
Building Information
Developer Bosa Development
Architect Buttjes Architecture
Management Company Crosby Management
Number of Units 108
Number of Floors 20
Year Built 1990
Construction Method Concrete
Type of Roof Tar and Gravel
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121 10th Street, New Westminister, BC
Distance to Public Transit Less than a block
Region Vancouver
Municipality New Westminster
Zoning RM-4
Title of Land Condominium



Vista Royale is located outside of Downtown Vancouver. Although this location is not the central core and is not as popular as the downtown area, it still holds an important value for what British Columbia is today and what it was in the past.

Electric rail in New Westminster

The discovery of gold in British Columbia provoked fear into the settlers of the area that the Americans would try to invade and take over the unnamed land. To claim the territory, Queen Victoria named the city after Westminster in London and made it the capital of the province. This lead to New Westminster being the first City in British Columbia to be incorporated and have an elected municipal government.

The city became a major outfitting point for prospectors panning for the Fraser Gold Rush and those traveling to the goldfield ports such as Yale and Port Douglas by canoe up the river. [1]

In 1868, Britain united Vancouver Island to be a part of British Columbia. New Westminster lost its title of capital to the City of Victoria. Despite this, the area still continued to grow with an economy based around sawmills, salmon canning, and agriculture.

In 1898, a fire blazed over New Westminster's central core destroying not only businesses and houses, but the wharves and steamboats along the waterfront. As disastrous as this was, an opportunity arose from the destruction. The city was fully rebuilt by 1910 with the addition of an electric railway connecting to Chilliwack and the arrival of the Canadian National Railway in 1915.

Since the 1980s, housing and other residences have rapidly increased. Today, there are over 27,000 house holds. In Uptown, the neighborhood within New Westminster where Vista Royale sits, the residents of the area are more senior than the rest of the city. Most people are of age 50 - 69. [2]


New Westminster

New Westminster is known for its many heritage buildings and preserved historic culture. As many adjacent communities have expanded, New Westminster has been able to maintain its small city atmosphere.

There are many live performance venues including Massey Theater, Burr Theatre, Legge Theatre and Vagabond Players.

One of the main features in New Westminster is the New Westminster Museum and Archives. The museum is located in the Irving House, which on its own, is a historic structure. It is said to be the oldest intact house in British Columbia's Lower Mainland.

The area falls under school district 40, which contains one high school, two middle schools and nine elementary schools. The two main collages are Sprott Shaw Community Collage and Douglas College.

There are two specialty schools in New Westminster. The first is the Justice Institute of British Columbia where police forces, fire departments, court services and paramedics are trained. The second school is the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine which is the only Naturopathic school in western Canada. [3]

Those living at Vista Royale have the convenience of completing their daily errands without the need for a car. The building is within walking distance of neighbourhood amenities such as Hayashi Sushi Japanese Restaurant, IGA Marketplace, Simcoe Park, and Urth Coffee House.

For those needing to get outside of walking distance, the transit system is great with 12 different bus routes in the area. [4]


Street facing facade

The building was built using a concrete structure that is supported by a concrete perimeter foundation. The exterior finish is also concrete and there is no rain screen.

The face of the building is symmetrical. Different materials and setbacks are used to give the building character. Up the center, above the front entry, are large balconies. On either side of the balconies there is a strip of casement windows, then window walls, then casement windows and finally corner balconies.

The entrance canopy has large pillars supporting a roman style roof. The overall roof duplicates that same style. The far sides are flat with a central triangular piece.

In 2009, the building had re-piping done, with a 25 year warranty. Also, exterior maintenance was performed and the entire facade was given a new coat of paint. [5]

Layout and Features

The suites feature open concept floor plans, oversize windows, in suite storage, in-suite laundry facilities, fireplaces and balconies that present views of the mountains and river.

Maintenance fees cover building care-taking, garbage pick up, gardening, hot water, management and recreation. [6]

Many of the owners have chosen to upgrade their suites with new flooring, paint and stainless steel appliances. Therefore, features in each suite vary.

Floor Plans

The following images portray the layout and atmosphere of the layouts in Vista Royale:



Amenities at Vista Royale include:

  • Resident Superintendent
  • Gated Underground Parking
  • Visitor Parking
  • Gardens
  • Over Sized Storage Lockers
  • Security System Door to Visitor Parking
  • Security Cameras
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bike Room
  • Exercise Room


Vista Royale Bylaws
Rentals Yes
Pets No
Age No

  • No age restriction for residents purchasing or buying suites
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Rentals are permitted


Vista Royale was not built with any advanced green technologies, nor were construction practices recorded to be green, but there is one factor that makes a big difference in energy consumption. [7]

Thermo windows can reduce energy use by up to 30%. A great amount of heat is lost or absorbed through regular, single pane windows. More energy needs to be put into heating and cooling the building. Therefore, by having better windows, perhaps multi-glazed and tinted, less energy is used which is better for the environment and also better for those having to pay the hydro bill.


British Columbia Penitentiary
  • New Westminster was the first city in Western Canada.
  • Poplar Island was once the site of World War I shipbuilding.
  • New Westminster’s courthouse, opened in 1981, has an angled glass roof, which mirrors Arthur Erickson’s design for the Robson Square courthouse in downtown Vancouver.
  • The "SkyBridge" carrying the SkyTrain from New Westminster to Surrey is the longest transit-only cable-stayed bridge in the world.
  • For 102 years, New Westminster was the home of British Columbia Penitentiary which housed maximum security prisoners and has been the scene of many famous trials and executions including those of the Wild McLean Boys, Slumach and Simon Gunanoot. [8]


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