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You’re booking a trip and you need a hotel. Maybe you check TripAdvisor?

You’re thinking of buying a book. Do you check Amazon for customer reviews?

You’re in the market for a car. But you won’t sign anything until you check Consumer Reports.

Now you’re buying a condominium, where most financial experts agree is where you place 84% of your overall wealth. Where do you go? Condopedia.com

Condopedia is opening up the mysterious world of condominium and co-operative buildings to all. Whether you’re in the market to buy or rent in a condominium or cooperative building, whether you’re aggressively researching or casually interested - we offer to you, for free, the platform that lets you get the goods from those in the know, whether it's a realtor, a resident, an architect or a neighbor.

Read. Learn. Vote. Discuss ... each and every individual building on Condopedia.com.

We’re just getting started so it’s an exciting time for us to be able to invite you to join our future. Whether you wish to browse our pages, add to our discussion or share your knowledge, you have a place here.

Together, we will create a more open and transparent marketplace that better informs the public and has the power to connect qualified professionals to informed buyers.

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